Former State Senator Black Electrifies Philippine Audience


Oct. 11 (EIRNS)—Col. Richard Black (ret.) addressed the Philippine people in their homeland and around the world this morning on the KDP (Katipunan ng Demokratikong Pilipino—Democratic Party of the Philippines) Facebook and YouTube websites, as well as on nationwide Radio Mindanao, for over one hour. The program is hosted by Butch Valdes, the founder of the KDP and of the Philippine LaRouche Society, together with his son Itos Valdes.

In his opening statement, he reviewed his earlier presentations on the active preparation for a military coup in the United States by senior flag officers of the U.S. military. He insisted that Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and Chief of Staff Mark Milley should have, by now, issued letters of reprimand to those officers who had blatantly broken the Unified Military Code of Conduct, entered those letters in their permanent files, and stripped them of their security clearances—including emphatically Generals Mattis, Mullen, Powell and others.

In answer to questions from Butch and Itos Valdes, he touched on further issues. Asked why criminal charges have not been brought already, Colonel Black pointed to the reality that such a case would need to be filed in the Washington, D.C. court system, which is notoriously run by the most extreme liberal and Democratic judges, which is also true of the jury pool. He pointed to the case of Gen. Mike Flynn as a blatant example, noting that liberals and Democrats can virtually never be convicted in this district, while conservatives and Republicans are easily convicted. But the top officers and the President have actions available to them, including the letters of reprimand, which would at least have the effect of “tightening up the military.”

Asked how such a coup would happen, he said it would come “at a time of incredible chaos,” adding that he has information that Black Lives Matter and Antifa “have cells around the country which are prepared to take to the streets in a series of violent actions” at the time of the election and the likely contesting of the election.

Colonel Black also reported that George Soros and other Wall Street billionaires have pumped millions of dollars into the networks around Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other race-based anarchists. He saw people at a gun show with BLM shirts buying high-powered rifles. Extended operations like that in Portland, Oregon, he said, are not self-financed, but require large funds to cover hotels, food, equipment and more. There is an “unholy alliance” among mega-billionaires, who want disruption against President Donald Trump, and the racist groups, arsonists, and looters. “They are teaching this race hatred in the schools with the Critical Race Theory. I haven’t seen this level of racial violence since the Brownshirts in Germany against the Jews in the 1920s and ’30s. It’s happening here in America. It’s an effort to destroy civilization.”

Colonel Black, who spent a great deal of time in the Philippines during his service with the Marines during the Vietnam War, expressed his “deep affection for the Philippines and the Philippine people.” He expressed his hope that the Philippine government would be successful in balancing the current crisis between China and the U.S.

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