A Tremendous Challenge: We Face Two Global Pandemics


May 15 (EIRNS)—The COVID-19 pandemic is now truly worldwide and has already killed almost 300,000 people, with months and likely years to go. It should have struck down the “globalist” illusion that the system of free trade, low wages and financial speculation which has run the world since the 1970s, is compatible with human survival, let alone human invention and progress.

The major nations were not prepared to treat the victims of a serious pandemic pneumonia; they did not have the hospitals, the most modern medical devices, the health workers equipment ready. The unindustrialized developing nations are fighting to develop any defenses against it.

There is now very clearly a second, worse, global pandemic—of hunger and extreme life-threatening impoverishment. Half of the workforce of the entire world is unemployed, more than 1.6 billion people who overwhelmingly survive on “informal work” which has disappeared in broken chains of supply and demand, closed borders, public health lockdowns. The judgment of the experts of the World Food Program is firm: “Abject poverty” and food deprivation is becoming so widespread that 300,000 people could very soon be dying every day from the hunger pandemic.

The major technologically leading nations—particularly the United States, China, Russia and India—have to meet and agree to launch and fund a huge building project—the public health infrastructure those nations need and lack, and other basic infrastructure besides.

And those leading nations need a new public health infrastructure as well. They did not have the hospital beds needed. That’s why 40-45,000 Americans with no coronavirus infections have died since late February from not going to the hospital or the clinic when they had to. And Americans with COVID-19 died at home, or in nursing homes.

The new world public health system, for which the Schiller Institute is petitioning and holding online international conferences, is needed by every nation on the planet. The four major nations we named, with others collaborating, must take the decisions to lead in the building of it.

As to why two-thirds of all the 3.3 billion working people in the world have only “informal” employment, essentially non-productive employment, month-to-month and even day-to-day “gigs” but—in developing countries and even some parts of the United States—with impossibly low returns? Half a century of a globalized system of deindustrialization, finance and “just in time” free trade with each country really producing only a few products, has thrown the human labor force into these straits.

And of the 50 million Americans either unemployed or forced into part-time work right now, 45 million—90%—of them did not have productive employment before losing it.

LaRouche’s representative in the Philippines, Butch Valdes, was quoted this way in the Manila Bulletin: “ ‘This will not end next month. The world and the Philippines will face economic contagion. Underdeveloped, ill-equipped nations will face severe effects. We have to go into a paradigm shift . . . reverse globalization, abolish central banks and establish national banks, collapse the speculative investment system (gaming) and push resources toward a physical economy. The U.S., China, Russia and India must lead the world toward this change to save civilization.’ In addition, public utilities must be returned to government control while “measures of growth change from useless GDP into per capita calorie intake; e.g., per-square-kilometer power generation, hospital beds according to population, similar methods of measuring production of goods.’ ”

Some 1.5 billion new productive jobs worldwide. The only way to face the challenge of these two global pandemics.

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