Pentagon’s Fixation on China Is Insane


April 13 (EIRNS)—The fact that the crisis aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt is directly related to the U.S. geopolitical confrontation against China, was identified in a commentary, entitled “The Theodore Roosevelt Fiasco Shows How Paranoid the Pentagon Is about China,” posted in the military blog Task & Purpose over the weekend.

“Last week, this reporter thought the Navy was the most dysfunctional service on the planet, but the past seven days has shown that the Navy’s latest meltdown just reflects a wider insanity that has infected the entire U.S. military,” wrote Jeff Schogol, the Pentagon correspondent for Task & Purpose. “To wit: When it comes to China, every uniformed and civilian leader in the United States is completely paranoid.

“The Pentagon is fixated on China as an existential threat to American security. They worry that if the U.S. military retreats anywhere in the world, China will come rolling in like a sea to drown U.S. influence in former allies, such as the Philippines.” Schogol likens this to the domino theory of the 1960s that was used to justify the U.S. war in Vietnam.

Schogol goes on to tear up the speech that then-Acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly made aboard the carrier on April 6, stating that what Modly was really incensed about was assertion made by Capt. Brett Crozier, the ship’s commanding officer, that America is not at war, in a memo seeking to take action to protect the sailors who were becoming infected with coronavirus. Crozier also, though not discounting the possibility of war with China, had ridiculed the repeated notions that China is a military threat to the U.S.

“Still, the U.S. military seems hell bent on taking insane risks to show China that it can throw down anytime and anywhere,” Schogol writes, pointing to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley’s insane comment last week that the Theodore Roosevelt could go “right back out to sea if needed.” A few days after Milley made that statement, the guided missile destroyer USS Barry transited the Strait of Taiwan as People’s Liberation Army ships and aircraft were exercising to the south and west of the island.

“Even under wartime conditions, sending the Theodore Roosevelt on a combat deployment right now would be insane, but the Pentagon and the Navy have lost all sense of proportion when it comes to the threat China poses,” Schogol says.

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