London Wants Trump Out Now, as Their Financial System Blows Apart


Sept. 29 (EIRNS)—We are in the end-phase of the British Empire’s bankrupt trans-Atlantic system, and the global strategic situation is moving extremely fast, Helga Zepp-LaRouche stressed in a discussion with associates today. Dramatic developments with the failing banking system could occur as early as this week, which is the beginning of the fourth quarter, as the Fed girds for a major intervention into an interbank market that has been seizing up. Or the “big one” could be a few weeks or months down the line. But what is certain, Zepp-LaRouche stated, is that the British system is thoroughly bankrupt and dying, as Lyndon LaRouche uniquely demonstrated, and that it is lashing out to stop and destroy the worldwide wave of anti-Establishment political ferment that has swept the globe since 2016—from the Brexit, to Trump’s election, the major electoral explosions in Italy, Mexico, the Philippines and more. These are all obstacles to London’s intent to use their green eco-fascist mobilization to enshrine the lie that “there are limits to growth,” and the bestial concept of man underlying such a view.

First and foremost on their list is the British operation to topple the Trump Presidency and mangle the U.S. Constitution in the process, which has been kicked into “Rocket Docket” mode with the fabricated story about Trump’s supposed actions with Ukraine. The British are particularly worried that, under conditions of financial meltdown, Trump could act unpredictably to remedy the situation—especially since the only available remedies have been provided by Lyndon LaRouche.

The LaRouche movement intends to stop this operation cold, Zepp-LaRouche stated, by focusing the enormous popular outrage at this sham, in a laser-like fashion on the enemy’s most vulnerable, exposed flank:

That Joe Biden actually did in Ukraine what the Democratic Party et al. are lyingly accusing Trump of doing—threatening and blackmailing to bring about a desired political result. But in the case of Biden, he and the Obama Administration he represents to this day, in fact orchestrated a regime-change, de facto Nazi coup d’état in Ukraine, on the very borders with Russia. And this British-run operation was then used to unleash a dramatic worsening of the strategic situation, which has today devolved into a direct conflict between the U.S. and Russia, and then between the U.S. and China. This is a situation which President Donald Trump—but not all of his cabinet—has repeatedly promised to reverse.

The coup against Trump must be stopped; the global showdown with Russia and China must be reversed; and the bankrupt trans-Atlantic financial system must be replaced in the manner Lyndon LaRouche specified.

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