Philippines Embraces Belt and Road and ‘Single Hand’ Leadership of Chinese Communist Party


March 23 (EIRNS)—Philippine Foreign Secretary Teodoro “Teddy Boy” Locsin, Jr. is in China, meeting with Foreign Minister Wang Yi and discussing China’s planned Belt and Road investments in the Philippines. What he said about the Chinese Communist Party is setting the imperial crowd into conniptions.

Locsin said: “I speak for my country, which wants to see much to hope for, and nothing to fear, from the rise of a new power…. Without the new China there will be no prospect whatsoever for the developing world to grow into emerging economies. We would still be as we were throughout the second half of the last century. We were at the mercy of Western markets which on a whim can turn us away as they did throughout the post- and neo-colonial period. There is no propulsion as strong as people power, but it demands the direction of a single hand. That hand is absent in Western democracy. That direction the Communist Party has supplied. No other institution anywhere in the world could do it.”

Global Times, in reporting Locsin’s statement, wrote: “The best model is not the U.S. system or the Chinese system, but the one that best fits its own national conditions. China’s model is in line with its own social and historical conditions, leading to the country’s rise. This is the most important lesson that the Philippines and other developing countries should draw from China’s unique path of socialism with Chinese characteristics.”

Back home, two former officials of the U.S. puppet regimes which preceded Duterte’s election in 2016, former Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales and former Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario (who also served as Ambassador to the U.S.) filed a case against President Xi Jinping at the International Criminal Court for “atrocious actions of Chinese officials in the South China Sea and within Philippine territory,” and for “one of the most massive, near permanent and devastating destructions of the environment in humanity’s history.”

Besides being ridiculous on its face, it is worth noting that neither China nor the Philippines are members of the ICC—the Philippines officially withdrew just last week. Such is the desperate, fanciful and presumptive power of the oligarchs.

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