Outpouring of Best Wishes and Tributes to Lyndon LaRouche on His 95th Birthday


Sept. 10 (EIRNS)–An outpouring of warm well-wishes and tributes came in to honor Lyndon LaRouche, on the occasion of his Sept. 8, ninety-fifth birthday, and gala celebration in Germany on Sept. 9. Collected in a beautiful {Festschrift}, these messages include unique music compositions, science discussions, and reflections on aspects of LaRouche’s historic contributions to mankind. Below is a very abbreviated list of contributors from the Americas, and from China, Asia, Australia and elsewhere, from the total worldwide list which includes many more. (This will be made available soon).


I. Policy, government, law, journalism

  • Sen. Richard H. Black, Senator of Virginia (13th District)
  • Ramsey Clark, former U.S. Attorney General (1967-1969,) Deputy U.S. Attorney General (1965-1967,) Assistant U.S. Attorney General (1961-1965)
  • William Lacy (Bill) Clay, Sr. St. Louis, Missouri. Served in the U.S. House of Representatives for 32 years; longtime labor and civil rights leader.
  • Hon. Mike Gravel, U.S. Senator of Alaska (1969-1981); former Speaker of the Alaska House of Representatives (1965-1967); candidate for the Democratic Nomination for President of the U.S. (2008)
  • LaRouchePAC Policy Committee members
  • Jeff Erskine Payton, Host, Erskine Overnight, nationally syndicated radio host
  • Roger Jason Stone, Jr., American political strategist, Florida

II. Economy

  • Dr. Hal B.H. Cooper, Jr., Surface transportation engineer, Kirkland, Washington
  • Don Scott, St. Paris, Ohio. Farm representative
  • Carol Smith, Louisville, Kentucky. 28-year member UAW
  • Mark A. Sweazy, Ohio. President (ret.) UAW Local 969, Columbus
  • Ronald and Deanna Wieczorek, farm representatives, Mt. Vernon, Davison County, South Dakota

III. Science, medicine

  • Cathy M. Helgason MD, Chicago
  • Muki (Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad) MD, Baltimore

IV. Culture

  • Charles Borowsky, President, Intermuse Performing Artists Bureau; and President, International Institute for Suburban & Regional Studies
  • Aaron Leathers, Washington, D.C. Baritone
  • Anthony Morss, New York City. Conductor


  • Mario Ferrin, longtime {Resumen Ejecutivo} representative, who also forwarded greetings from 20 more people, from Patagonia
  • Carlos A. Perez Galindo, Attorney
  • Julio C. González Z. Full professor, National University of Buenos Aires, National University of Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires. Former Technical Secretary to the Presidency of the Nation (1973-1976)
  • Carlos Lazbal, Worker, social and political leader, San Jose, Entre Rios Province
  • Dr. Hector Caludio Salvi, former Governor, Santa Fe Province

BOLIVIA. General Edwin Alfonso de la Fuente Jeria (ret.), former Commander in Chief of the Bolivian Armed Forces, and Soldier of the Revolution

BRAZIL. Rogério Mattos, Rio de Janeiro. Principal translator of LaRouche movement material into Portuguese, doctoral candidate in history and literature, teacher.

COLOMBIA. Pedro Rubio, Jr., son of Pedro Rubio, labor leader

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. Dr. Ramon Emilio Concepcion, Presidential candidate, Modern Revolutionary Party


  • David Cano Saucedo, former Professor, National Polytechnic Institute
  • Carlos Hernandez, former Senator
  • Mario Montoya Contreras, journalist. Durango
  • Rafael L. Nava, President, National Association of Electrical Certification
  • Gen. Guillermo Villa Juarez (ret.), industrial engineer
  • From Xalapa, Veracruz, a joint message of congratulations from Hector Omar Pensado Diaz, Julieta Ivette Ramirez Enriquez, and Cecilia Montero de Jesus

NICARAGUA. Telemarco Talavera Siles, President, National Council of Universities; Spokesman for the Nicaragua Great Inter-Oceanic Canal Commission


  • Army Gen. Hector Chumpitazi (ret.), President of the “Peruvian Patriotic Unifying Movement,” an effort whose principal goal is to see Peru join the alliance of the BRICS
  • Alember Alfonso Pacora Cupen, Engineer

AUSTRALIA. Craig Isherwood, National Secretary, Citizens Electoral Council of Australia

CHINA. Ding Yifan–a senior fellow at the National Strategy Institute, Tsing Hua university. He was formerly the Deputy Director of the Institute of World Development at the Development Research Center of the State Council of China.

INDIA. Saikat Bhattacharya, Indian, now resident in Beijing

MALAYSIA. Mohd Peter Davis, scientist


  • Antonio “Butch” Valdes, Founder and Chairman, Philippine LaRouche Society
  • Emmanuel (Manny) U. Topacio, Attorney; broadcaster

RUSSIA. Simon El’evich Shnol, biophysicist, historian of Soviet science, professor at Physics Department of Moscow State University and a member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

*Daniel Estulin, Investigative journalist
*Fructuoso Rodriguez Morales, Union leader/bus driver (ret.), Canary Islands

  • THAILAND. Pakdee and Sophie Tanapura. Mr. Tanapura is a longtime leader of the effort to build the Kra–now called “Thailand”–Canal, whose international conference is Sept. 11, 2017
  • YEMEN. Fouad Al-Ghaffari, President, Yemeni BRICS Youth Cabinet

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