President Duterte: Obama Can Go to Hell, Trump Respects Our Fight To Defend Our Country


July 3, 2017 (EIRNS)–Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte ripped into former U.S. President Barack Obama again, in remarks made July 1, and welcomed President Trump’s support for the war on drugs.

“This Obama, he criticized me as if I was a federal government employee,” Duterte said. “I was treated like a postal employee. That is why I said, `Fuck you. You can go to hell, Mr. Obama. Why are you — I’m just trying to protect my country. Why are you telling me how — and then you’ll say you’ll file a case against me. Go ahead and file a case.”

Duterte said the situation under President Trump was a complete turnaround: “Ah, you’re doing it right,” Duterte quoted President Trump as telling him. “So, to this one President, what I’m doing is good. And for the other President, he’ll even reprimand me as if — Who are you to lecture on me? You can see it’s about drugs.”

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