Philippine Statement Denouncing Obama’s War Provocation and Planned Military Occupation of Philippine Bases


Nov. 3, 2015 (EIRNS)–The following  powerful statement denouncing Obama’s provocation to war with China was adopted by PINAS, Philippines in Support of Sovereignty, a group of prominent individuals, members of Congress, and organizations opposed to the US military occupation of Philippine military bases, and similar threats to the nation’s sovereignty. It was written at their request by Butch Valdes, the head of the Philippine LaRouche Society. It compliments the Friend of the Court brief being submitted to the Philippine Supreme Court by Sen. Mike Gravel: “Despite our presently unresolved territorial issues with countries surrounding the West Philippine Seas, it is with unequivocal opposition that we view the outrageous military provocation of China, by US President Obama under the guise of freedom of navigation.

“In blatant disregard for the sovereignty and security concerns of Southeast Asian Nations, the US has initiated threatening actions against China, which not only destabilizes the whole region, but also may provide the spark of thermonuclear confrontation between the two superpowers. “Our concern is aggravated by the declared and insane acquiescence of the current President Benigno Aquino III of the critically dangerous advances by an equally impaired Barrack Obama. The risk to 100 million Filipino lives notwithstanding, Aquino has signed a constitutionally infirm agreement allowing the US forces access to all our airports and seaports, ply our territorial waters, and set up American bases within our Philippine bases.

“It is this highly questionable accommodation by the Philippine President, the tacit approval of a mercenary Senate, and obviously intimidated Supreme Court that has provided US nuclear-armed warships the bases to mount and implement provocative action against their principal adversary in the region.

“We call on all patriotic Filipinos to REJECT the presently disastrous condition of allowing foreign military installations in Philippine territories. The US geo-political intentions, through President Obamas actions are manifestly clear. Their decisions and actions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Syria, and Ukraine are now glaring examples of internal chaos, AFTER they have been supposedly liberated from dictatorship, into democracy.

“Let us uphold the principles of sovereignty, and advocate a world community of Sovereign Nation-States bound by a common objective to improve the quality of life of every single human being on the planet, so that our generation and those after us, can reap the benefits of Man’s collaboration and collective creativity.”

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