Color-Revolution Guru Malloch Brown Moves on the Philippines


July 3, 2015 (EIRNS)–Lord Mark Malloch Brown, the genocide merchant who has worked hand-in-hand with George Soros in funding and promoting color revolutions around the world, suddenly showed up in the Philippines last month to beat back an effort to stop the notorious vote-fraud mechanism which placed Noynoy Aquino in office 2010 and swept the midterm election of 2013 for Noynoy’s party.

Smartmatic, a London-based electronic voting machine company, sold their machines to the Philippine’s COMELEC (the Commission on Elections) for the 2010 election. When the accuracy tests failed the week before the election, COMELEC ruled to proceed with the election anyway, leading to charges of fraud being carried out both by Smartmatic and the Government. In the 2013 election, the machines were used again, and generated a “60-30-10” pattern of votes — administration, opposition, and independent senatorial candidates obtained 60 percent, 30 percent, and 10 percent of the votes, respectively, across the board — a political and statistical impossibility.

With the 2016 presidential election campaign in process, Smartmatic was disqualified by COMELEC in May in bidding for new election machines, although not based on fraud in the past but on failed tests and other compliance failures this year.

But lo and behold! Last November Lord Mark Malloch Brown was hired as Smartmatic’s chairman. In June, after the disqualification of Smartmatic, Malloch Brown visited Manila, held many meetings and press conferences, and, wonder of wonders, COMELEC changed its position and announced that the Smartmatic machines work after all, and that the Philippines would buy 23,000 of their new optical mark reader machines to be used in the 2016 polls, at a cost of US$55.5 million. More contracts are in the works.

One of Malloch Brown’s first color revolutions was, in fact, in the Philippines in the 1980’s, when he worked closely with Cory Aquino in the US-orchestrated coup against the Philippines’ last nationalist president, Ferdinand Marcos, placing Cory Aquino in the presidency, where she proceded (under direction from the neo conservatives in Washington) to dismantle the nation’s industries, food self-sufficiency, and nuclear power program. Her son Noynoy continues the destructive tradition.

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