Philippine Officials Call on Philippines LaRouche Society for Advice on Nuclear Power


July 25, 2014 (LPAC)– The following edited report was submitted by Philippines LaRouche Society (PLS) leader Ver Archivido following an official forum in Bataan, Philippines, which called on PLS president Butch Valdes to address the meeting on the need to re-open the mothballed Bataan nuclear reactor, shut down by George Shultz and his murderous crew after their coup against President Ferdinand Marcos in 1986:

July 25, Bagac, Bataan, Philippines — The looming power crises forced the Philippines Department of Energy, and its agency National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR) to revisit the possible revival of the 1986-mothballed Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, also known as the Philippine Nuclear Power Plant – Unit 1.

Butch Valdes, and Save the Nation movement, known for the Three Urgent Steps, which includes the immediate restart of the BNPP (the others are a green revolution, and a debt moratorium), was invited to address the forum.

The event, entitled Public Forum for the People of Bataan (Stakeholders Involvement) on the Rehabilitation of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP), gathered an audience from people of different walks of life. It was attended by many districts’ leaders: the former-governor, the incumbent, congressman, vice mayor, groups and individuals, professionals, school principal, and farmers.

The Former-Governor Tet Garcia, and his son, Governor Abet Garcia, are publicly known anti-nuclear advocates. Early on in the forum, before hearing anything from the resource speakers about nuclear power, the governor insisted that they won’t allow the rehabilitation of the BNPP, due to safety reasons and Japan’s recent decision on nuclear energy policy since the Fukushima accident.

The officials of the DOE and NAPOCOR gave brief and comprehensive presentations on the Philippines energy needs, and the possible rehabilitation of [the] nuclear plant. Mr. Jesus Tamang, director of the DOE Energy Policy & Planning Bureau, emphasized the continuous high energy requirements of the country, and the Aquino administration’s so-called solutions to meet the demand (but without saying how much it cost). Currently, the Philippines, a developing country, has the most expensive electricity in the world, if not second to Japan, a first-world country with 1/8 of the world’s nuclear power plants (all now closed). Mr. Mau Marcelo, a NAPOCOR official, explained about the BNPP safety features, its history starting from the IAEA’s 1960 report recommending nuclear energy to the Philippines, to the recent period of the world’s commitment to nuclear energy, and having them, the NAPOCOR, under DOE, draft a national nuclear policy, continue nuclear energy information and education to stakeholders, and to decide on the BNPP.

A number of times, Japan’s and Germany’s decision against nuclear energy was brought up, and some geological concerns that pseudo-environmentalists keep on clinging on to. Nevertheless, it was answered adequately by the speakers. The district’s vice mayor, an engineer himself, happens to have worked at the BNPP and have done test-runs, came to help and addressed some technical safety features the BNPP have.

The benefits of fire couldn’t be more complete without the intervention of Save the Nation, and Philippine LaRouche Society. Butch Valdes emphasized how nuclear energy is conceptualized to make the country energy self-sufficient with an indigenous source of power. But having it mothballed made the Philippines 90% dependent on oil, leaving Shell Philippines as the biggest importer. He reminded the audience how mankind is able, and the only species, which knows how to use fire — the discovery of wood, coal, petroleum, nuclear, and beyond. Today’s present generations should thank people from the past who didn’t stop using fire when they got burned with it, instead they studied how it works and controlled it. He ended by saying that it should be on science that people base their reason, and not from propaganda.

Engr. Lemy Roxas, the Save the Nation lead convenor, stated the enormous benefits we could get from nuclear energy, that people shouldn’t get focused only on energy, but also on water generation with nuclear desalination plants, potable water for drinking and irrigation and water management systems, and isotopes for nuclear medicine.

The audience was so glad to have heard these ideas from the organization, and always returned a huge respect and heartfelt massive applause to both Butch and Lemy.

There will be series of fora about nuclear energy and the BNPP. The DOE, NAPOCOR officials invited again the organization early on for the future events.

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