Even Goebbels Would Blush at the Absurdity of Anti-China Lies


June 30, 2014 (LPAC)–The fear and loathing occasioned by the success of China’s Eurasian peace and development drive centered around the New Silk Road, is causing Empire spokesman to make outrageously false claims to bolster their flagging pomposity.

The latest comes from Australian cabinet Minister for Propaganda (politely referred to as “Communications”), Malcolm Turnbull, a key lieutenant of Prime Minister Tony Abbott. According to Monday’s {Wall Street Journal}, Turnbull referred to China’s territorial conflicts with Vietnam and the Philippines, concluding: “What the Chinese policy has been, and I think it’s curious that it has been so counterproductive, it has been to muscle up to one or other of its neighbors, or all of its neighbors at different times. It has really no allies in the region, apart from North Korea, the sort of ally you need when you’ve run out of enemies, I suppose. And the consequence has been how China’s neighbors are drawing closer to the United States than ever before.”

For starters, Mr. TurnBULL neglects the increasing close economic, political and strategic relations between China and South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Russia, India, Central and South America, Africa, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe, not to overlook joint projects with Greece and other Western European nations or the current Chinese participation in the US Navy’s RIMPAC exercises.

And, {functionally} North Korea has been somewhat less than a close ally — so much so that President Xi Jinping is visiting Seoul this week, with no plans in sight to visit Pyongyang.

In the same vein, Monday’s {Washington Post} attempts to belittle the joint celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence between China, India, and Myanmar, saying that “To many Asian leaders, China’s foreign policy of late has been anything but aimed at peaceful coexistence.”

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