Terrorist Actions in the Philippines – Will Obama Join Another War


September 26, 2013 (LPAC) — For the last two weeks, a band of Islamic fighters from the MNLF (Moro National Liberation Front) in the southern Philippine island of Mindanao, have occupied a part of Zamboanga, one of the major cities, carrying out a continuous gun battle with federal army troops, and leaving several dozen civilians and soldiers dead, hundreds wounded, and over 100,000 displaced. The MNLF had been at peace (generally) with the government since the 1990s, and ran a semi-autonomous region of Mindanao. However, the government (with big support from U.S. NGOs and Quangos) has shifted to deal-making with the opposing Moro group, the MILF (Moro Islamic National Front), instead, which drove the MNLF to assert itself, first by an insane “invasion” of a contested area in Malaysia, and now by the attack on Zamboanga.

The fighting also spread, as MNLF and another faction, called the BIFF (Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters — a split-off of the MILF which rejected the peace talks with the government), attacked another major city, Cotabato, with a small number of casualties. While the governemnt has claimed things are under control, former Philippine Constabulary chief, retired Maj. Gen. Ramon Montano, told the press that “Mindanao is now in a state of war.”

A major question has now arisen: where did the extensive ammunition and other logistical capacities to sustain such a long battle come from? It is apparent that outside forces are arming the rebels, although it is unclear from where. Saudi Arabia is an obvious place to begin the search.

With Obama planning to visit the Philippines on October 10 as part of his Asia tour (attending the APEC meeting in Indonesia, and stopping in Brunei and Malaysia), Filipinos are concerned that he may use the trip to offer more military “assistance” to deal with the uprising — i.e., to start another war. Already the puppet Noynoy Aquino government in Manila has essentially ripped up the nation’s Constitutional rejection of foreign bases by allowing U.S. military ships, planes, and troops to reoccupy the old U.S. military bases, and others, under the fraud that they are “rotating” and not permanent.

The “Two Mustaches” to appear in Manila

In light of these developments, The Philippine LaRouche Society is preparing for the Oct. 10 visit of President Obama with a banner, which will also be posted on their website, of the “two mustaches” — Obama and President Aquino, side by side, each with the Hitler mustach. At the top of the banner it reads: “Oust US military from Philippine soil.” Below Obama’s picture it says: “War Freak,” and under Aquino’s: “War Freak’s Freak.”

You can find the Original Obama-Hitler Mustache image here, or download it from our organize page.

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