Archbishop Cruz Backs “Save the Nation” in the Philippines


Archbishop Cruz Backs “Save the Nation” in the Philippines
July 19, 2013 (LPAC)–Philippines Archbishop Oscar Cruz, who spoke on April 20 at the founding conference of the “Save the Nation” movement founded by Philippines LaRouche Society leader Butch Valdes, posted the following on June 28:

“SAVE THE NATION MOVEMENT — It is timely in emergence. It is nationalist in spirit. It is an imperative advocacy for the common good and public welfare of the People of the Philippines. It is not really hard to notice and understand its emergence, its persistent existence, and now progressively stronger in influence upon thinking people. There is something wrong — many things wrong about the socio-economic standing of the country notwithstanding all contrary declamations of the administration plus repeated heavenly surveys at the expense of the Filipinos themselves.”

The Archbishop reviews the horrendous conditions in the country — wages, unemployment, increasing taxes and fees for everything, “even burials.” He notes that President Aquino (whose only “accomplishment” has been passing birth control measures), “While hating the birth of people, people are precisely the export industry of the Philippine Government — with or without Filipino’s women being sold to the highest foreign bidders.”

“Until something quite novel and promising is done for the honest-to-goodness socio-economic development of the Philippines the country has nowhere to go; the people have no future to look forward to. The Save the Nation Movement presents and submits the following three signal interlocking proposals that may be challenging to accomplish but not only logical but also imperative in content and intent:

“One: The science driven double or even threefold food production…

“Two: Nuclear Power …for use in the Philippines as in other places in Asia itself.

“Three: The postponement of the payment of external debts that grew in huge and insurmountable amount simply by the devalued exchange rate of the poor Philippine peso courtesy of the IMF. Such continuous manipulations of exchange rates at the expense of poor countries are unconscionable. The postponement will help finance the first two proposals.”

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