Philippines Alerted on War Danger


Feb. 3, 2013 (LPAC)–Mike Billington was interviewed on the Butch Valdes nationwide radio show in Manila, Philippines, this morning on the heightened war danger in the Mideast, reviewing the British/Obama alliance with al Qaeda and the new provocation of Israel’s bombing of Syria, coordinated with Tony Blair and Obama. He discussed the endless ploys to force Russia and China to back down to the new imperial world empire spreading across the Mideast and now into Africa, with Asia already being set up as the next target, driven by the final, ongoing collapse of the western financial system.

Mike was asked by the team in the studio with Butch about Philippine President Aquino’s love affair with Obama, and the fact that many Filipinos are delighted that Obama is opening up the immigration system, which will help the millions of Filipinos in the U.S. Mike said that immigrants are and always have been the life blood of America, but that the problem is the dumbing down of the populations in the U.S. and worldwide to think only in terms of single issues, acting like trained dogs who respond to a treat, even while their human capacity to think and contribute to the future of mankind is being destroyed by a degenerate culture. The only result would be free immigration into a nation which is killing its citizens and launching world war.

Asked how much support existed for Glass-Steagall and stopping Obama, Mike reported on the New Paradigm conferences, the Walter Jones resolutions, LPAC’s role in the Congress, and the Court ruling against Obama’s dictatorship, making clear that it is not a matter of betting on the possibilities, but on doing everything, by everyone, internationally, to make this work.

Asked about the role of Germany, given the history of hyperinflation in 1923, Mike discussed the failure of leadership, but noted that our work had placed Glass-Steagall on the table in every forum in Europe, forcing the oligarchy to scramble to find some phony substitute. Asked about the role of the Philippines in the Obama push for war on China, Mike discussed the support of the fawning leadership in the Philippines for Obama’s war policy, and urged the listeners to take action to convey both the danger and the solution by working with Butch and the Philippine LaRouche Society to restore sovereignty to the nation.

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