Diane Sare, On the Radio in the Philippines, Is Recruiting the Philippine-American Population in Her District


Diane Sare, On the Radio in the Philippines, Is Recruiting the Philippine-American Population in Her District
May 14 (LPAC) — Diane Sare, the Democratic candidate from the LaRouchePAC slate in the 5th Congressional District of New Jersey, was interviewed by LaRouche Society leader Butch Valdes on the Radio Mindanao Network in Manila, Philippines last night night. [http://larouchepac.com/node/22692] The program was also carried on a New York-based radio show called Pinoy Radio. Diane gave a broad picture of the LaRouche Slate as the “presidential” leadership required to dump Obama and implement the required transformation of the U.S. and world economy, while stopping the British war drive.

Butch and his associates in the studio made note of the fact that Diane’s description of Obama’s insanity sounded very familiar in the Philippines, where President Aquino’s mental condition is very much in doubt – especially now that he is trying to turn his country into a military base for Obama’s insane war plans against China.

Asked about the future of the Philippines, Diane described the global NAWAPA concept, that the focus on Asia as the center of great project development will demand the contribution of skills and inovation from all the nations of Asia, noting that the current Philippines-China confrontation is totally a phenomenon of the Obama White House.

The large Filipino-American community in Diane’s district was both directly and indirectly reached by the program. While many listened to the show, many listeners in the Philippines have family and friends in Diane’s district (as well as the districts of the other candidates on the Slate). In two cases, the contact information was sent to Butch after the show and forwarded to Diane.

Diane’s impact on the Asian community in her district (aboout 14% of the population) includes also the Korean community, where she has addressed their local meeting, and will be further expanded tonight when she has been invited to attend a reception for the Asian-American association.

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