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Originally published by Solidarity for Sovereignty S4S (http://s4s.org.ph) on November 21st 2011.

Nov. 21, 2011

In evaluating the impact of a strategic situation which a failed leadership has imposed on our society today, it is imperative for all to recognize that the single most significant and destructive event now confronting our nation is the presently on-going global financial collapse, the escalation and imminence of world conflict, the unabated rise hunger and diseases, and this administration’s glaring inability to effect an appropriate response.

In a series of leadership changes, all of questionable competence and legitimacy, the last twenty five year period has brought nothing but a dramatic deterioration of living conditions, proliferation of political dynasties, and increasing levels of chaos and anarchy unprecedented in our nation’s history.

Yet as those who claim to be leaders of the Filipino people continue to use and abuse the Constitution for their own personal benefit, in complete and total disregard for the general welfare, in conspiracy with certain institutions and in the private and public sectors, a condition of mass deception prevails.

Consider the following:

In a gross violation of our Constitution, which mandates that COMELEC , and only COMELEC, should administer and conduct Philippine elections, the 2010 National Elections were administered by a foreign corporation as this was clearly proven in subsequent hearings conducted by Congress.

If it is now a foregone conclusion that Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo cheated in the 2004 and 2007 elections, is it not safe to conclude that , having complete control of COMELEC and Smartmatic, that she and her cabal would cheat in the 2010 elections, being the most important , since the new “president-elect” “installed” by her, will keep her from being jailed?

And if our conclusions are true, should not the legitimacy of the present administration be questioned? What crimes have been committed against the Filipino People in this regard?

Furthermore, if such a “deal” were concluded, would it not be of common interest to both parties and their accessories that a new Constitution be established to render all previous violations as moot and academic?

Are these not the reasons why the Supreme Court, despite GMA’s unconstitutional “midnight appointees” have been left untouched?; that her principal ally, former chief justice Davide, was to head the “Truth Commission.” ; that her very first resolution filed as congresswoman was for Charter Change?; and, that Pres. Aquino’s feeble reply to it was to say that it was not his administration’s priority?

And lastly, have our so called “elected leaders” prostituted themselves to foreign intervention by submitting to their preferences , accepting their publicly given congratulatory actions , prior to canvassing and subsequent proclamation by Congress?

These actions betray the workings of sinister minds, taking full advantage of a desperate and confused population, to tighten the noose of fascism and establish themselves as de-facto dictators—“elections” not withstanding—it is through this continued usurpation that intellectually incompetent and morally decadent leaders , acting as surrogates of evil, are able to effect economic and genocidal programs on our people.

If we are to save the nation, from the on-rushing onslaught of War, Famine and Disease, we have to unite in rejecting everything which seeks to destroy our efforts to preserve the dignity of human life.

We call on all Filipino Patriots, of all regions, of all ideologies, of all political parties, of all sectors of society, to act in accordance with Man’s true nature, created in God’s image, with inherent powers of cognition, and capacity to promote the common good, to vigorously cause the elimination of political and economic policies which violate our inalienable and sovereign rights.

We challenge the Filipino Youth, to participate and demand from your elders the opportunity to realize your dreams of a society based on Truth, Justice , Peace and Development.

Mabuhay ang Pilipino.

Mabuhay ang Bansang Pilipinas.

Solidarity for Sovereignty (S4S)

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