Solidarity for Sovereignty Organizes Joint Muslim-Christian Conference to Fight Population Control


June 6, 2011 — A Joint Christian-Muslim Conference was held in Gabaldon Hall, Club Filipino, San Juan City, Metro Manila in defense of life, and opposed to the Malthusian, Imperial policies of depopulation as they are being pushed onto the Philippines at a moment of existential crisis to the nation. Among the founders are: Ma. Linda O. Montayre, head convenor of the Solidarity 4 Sovereignty (S4S); Butch Valdes, head of the Philippines LaRouche Society; Archbishop Oscar Cruz, former President of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines; Alim Ahmad Basher, President of Imams’ League of the Philippines); Dr. Mashur Bin-Ghaalib Jundam, Dean of the University of the Philippines Institute of Islamic Studies and an officer of the MNLF; and other political, religious and business leaders.

Convened in opposition to a “Reproductive Health Bill” being pushed through the Congress by President Noynoy Aquino and others, aimed at weakening the nation’s restrictions against population control policies, the presentations at the Conference targetted not only the local anti-life policies, but the imperial policy of depopulation internationally.

Archbishop Oscar Cruz specifically hit at Henry Kissinger’s NSSM 200 policy from 1974, which named the Philippines (among others) as a nation whose population growth must be stopped in order to save the natural resources for the western oligarchy. He noted that the EU had promised to provide large sums to finance contraceptives and other population control efforts, while aid for development is being cut.

Dr. Jundam warned that the Islamic people of the Philippines would be driven to push for secession if the federal government pushed through anti-human policies.

Butch Valdes addressed the British imperial roots of the anti-population policies, from Rev. Malthus to Bertrand Russell and Prince Philip, and described Jonathan Swift’s “Modest Proposal” as the proper means of exposing and ridiculing the evil policies. Butch emphasized that the Christian-Islam cooperation went beyond politics, beyond “anti-corruption” efforts, to the more fundamental issue of human creativity as the identity of man in the image of God, as opposed to the beasts. He identified the “Clash of Civilizations” myth, and the imperial war policies, aimed at turning Christians and Muslims against each other, as simply another aspect of the Imperial depopulation effort.

Hear the speakers address the conference:
Archbishop Oscar Cruz

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