Helga Addresses the Philippines


Helga Addresses the Philippines

May 8, 2011 (LPAC)–In an hour-long discussion on the Philippines nationwide weekly radio show hosted by Butch Valdes, head of the Philippines LaRouche Society, on Sunday evening, Helga Zepp LaRouche gave a wide-ranging presentation on the multi-faceted crisis facing civilization and the urgency for all nations, no matter how small, to address the global crisis and its solution through Glass-Steagall legislation. She began by locating the inflation hitting the Philippines as a global ramification of the bankruptcy of the trans-Atlantic banking system and the bailout of the speculators. Helga addressed the real possibility of a collapse of the euro in the short term, and that the inflation and austerity demnanded by the finamcial institutions will hit the poorest in the world most severely. Only the adoption of Glass-Steagall in the U.S. immediately can reverse this process, she said.

The first question to Helga was about the reaction of the population in the West. Helga explained the mass strike process, but said that few leaders are willing to take on the banks — they don’t understand the nature of the Empire, centered in London and Wall Street, which is willing, even anxious, to kill people to preserve their power. She was asked to explain Glass-Steagall, since most Filipinos are not familiar with it. She drew out the difference between normal banking, which serves the people and the economy, and speculative banking, which only seeks high returns, and how Glass-Steagall protected only the legitimate bankers. She compared the takedown of Glass-Steagall and the bailout of speculators in the U.S. to the forced payment of unpayable debts in Germany after the war, creating hyperinflation by creating money for debt repayments, not for production. The U.S. under FDR took on the banks, while Europe took direction from the bankers, creating the horror of fascism.

Asked by PLYM leader Ver how to motivate leaders and youth, Helga pointed to the failure in leadership across the G20. She discussed the binge of natural disasters as a wake up call for all citizens of all nations to recognize that the take-down of science, especially of nuclear power and the space program, was satanic, aimed at genocide on behalf of the Empire. She discussed the collapse of Obama’s support as people see who he really is — a puppet of the Empire.

Helga concluded by calling on Filipinos and people of every nation, no matter how small, to raise the issue of Glass-Steagall vs. the bailout of worthless paper, in every forum on Earth — from the UN General Assembly, to regional associations, to trade and professional asssociations. Make this dialogue the only issue on the table, using the videos on the LPAC website to deepen people’s understanding of the issues. Malaysia and Argentina showed what small nations can do against the power of the Empire, just as Bismarck showed how to reject free trade and build industrial power in Germany. Every country has the right to defend its people.

A transcript will be available in a few days.

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