Philippines LaRouche Movement Sparks Fight-Back on Nuclear Power


March 18, 2011 (LPAC)–With the Philippines being inundated with anti-nuclear hysteria over the past week, Butch Valdes, head of the Philippines LaRouche Society, and the “Save the Nation” (SANA) organization which he formed in conjunction with organizations representing engineers, broadcasters, scientists, and others, have counterattacked with a widely attended press conference blasting the lies about the situation in Japan, and presenting the truth about the urgency of nuclear power if the Philippines, and the human race, are to survive.

The Philippines press widely reported last week that the sponsor of the bill before the Congress to re-open the mothballed Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, Mark Cojuangco, had withdrawn his bill, to the cheers from Greenpeace and the genocide lobby. However, when Valdes notified Cojuangco of the press conference to refute the lies, Cojuangco joined in the event, where he gave a detailed description of the features of the plant and its structural reliability to withstand natural calamities. He added that he was not abandoning his proposed bill to re-start the Bataan plant, but merely called for a moratorium on the debate in deference to victims of the earthquake and tsunami, as well as lack of real facts on the condition of the Fukushima nuclear facility.

The mechanical engineers were much more emphatic in their presentation. After going through the process of generating power, Bert Lozada described his training in Japan’s nuclear power plants, and described the higher level technology that went into the construction of the Bataan plant. His colleague, Lemy Roxas, also the Head Convenor of the SANA, lamented the flawed political decision not the run the nuclear plant, explaining that they, as the Philippines Society Of Mechanical Engineers, had submitted a paper to President Corazon Aquino at the time (1986), declaring that safety measures were sound, and recommending its immediate start. The engineers reported that hundreds of Filipinos are now working in nuclear power plants around the world, but are anxious to come home and build nuclear powerr in their homeland.

Valdes, as head of the Philippine LaRouche Society, was given the last word. Described as the “unrelenting spirit behind the Save the Nation group,” Valdes started with a commendation of the efficient bureaucracy of the government of Japan, its patriotic civil servants and scientists who immediately reacted to address the problem at hand, almost unperturbed by international media lies and manipulation. They earn their peoples trust and confidence, said Valdes, that all that can be done, is being done.

He asked those present not to lose focus, reminding them of the “three urgent steps” to save the nation (revolution in food production, restored nuclear power, and a moratorium on the foreign debt), and that the principal issue is not a nuclear crisis, but rather the ongoing collapse of the financial system, which is causing populations of all nations to strike, demanding a better way of life. The natural calamities are at present, not foreseeable, he said, but only through a wilful change of the economic order can we create the science to understand and protect ourselves from its destruction.

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