Summer Shields Addresses the Philippines


Summer Shields Addresses the Philippines

Aug. 22 (LPAC) — Summer Shields, Democratic primary candidate for Congress against Nancy Pelosi, addressed the nation of the Philippines for one hour this Sunday night on the Butch Valdes-hosted Philippines LaRouche Movement show. Speaking from Daily City, California, the center of the extensive Filipino-American population in the San Francisco Bay Area, Summer described the three united campaigns of Rachel Brown in Boston, Kesha Rogers in Houston, and himself, and that Lyn had called on him to take on the major task for his campaign of spearheading the fight to implement NAWAPA by October. He described the 3-D interactive NAWAPA video on the website, as well as his tours of Lawrence Livermore Labs laser fusion facilities, and the Army Corps of Engineers huge geographic model of the Bay Area, explaining how the NAWAPA concept was reinspiring scientists and engineers, who had seen the American dedication to scientific progress stagnate and collapse, to now prepare for the post-Obama era, returning to man’s role of modifying nature for the better.
Summer described the role of California as the historic hub for America’s outreach to Asia, and a key center for FDR’s arsenal of democracy, before the British targetted the state with the rock-drug-sex counterculture. With the focus of world development shifting to the Pacific, his campaign is leading the effort to restore the state’s mission, in the context of the Four Power agreements to rebuild the world economy.
Summer described the growing hatred for Obama, Pelosi and other Congressional traitors, not only by Republicans but by the majority of Democratic citizens, and how our door-to-door, on the street relations with the population is giving focus to the mass strike ferment that is emerging from society in response to the tyranny in Washington.
In response to questions from Butch and Philippines LYM members Ver and Jehan, Summer described “the Nixon treatment” in store for Obama, but added that our primary task is to show the population what the post-Obama era would look like through the inspiration of the NAWAPA program, 40 times bigger than the TVA, and the application of that approach to the world, the Moon, Mars, and beyond. That will drive the removal of Obama from office.
Asked what the Philippines can learn from NAWAPA, Summer said that the Four Power agreements will extend the NAWAPA development process through the Bering Strait tunnel into Asia, as a breakthrough in mankind’s role in transforming the biosphere.

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