Who Benefits From MOA


Who Benefits From MOA

Originally published online and on print at The Freeman, Korina Sanchez’s THAT DOES IT column on August 29, 2008

Who Benefits From MOA
THAT DOES IT By Korina Sanchez (The Freeman) August 29, 2008

Every government has its own closet of skeletons. Each has its own tracks to cover, its own hidden agenda at one time or another. But this government, the Arroyo government especially, strikes a suspicious chord with every note in its often out-of-tune songs. The sin of omission of most journalists, again, especially in a country like ours where there is some story anywhere involving governance, is that we either touch an issue once and go or that we’re too busy with other issues and there just isn’t enough time in one lifetime to uncover them all or that it’s “too complicated’ or “not commercial enough” to even waste time on.
Having proven to myself how hidden agenda are a very real fact of life in a world increasingly, almost literally, cut-throat with less and less supply of almost anything–water, land, food, oil, even air–to go around with, I can’t help listening to whatever story anyone has to say about anything. It’s how we journalists often get to the truth, finally. I believe in ghosts, too. But while that may be near impossible to prove to someone else, there are other realities we don’t need a séance for to uncover. Take, for example, current American interest in Mindanao. Now, some tunes just strike that logical chord it is difficult not to sing along.
I didn’t make the study myself and may end up quoting some friends who did follow the dates and trail of events, create the diagrams, connect the dots and make the presentation. So I decided to have Butch Valdes, CPA and Chairman of the LaRouche Society, Philippines, himself, as a guest author for the next few columns. He shares his views with other friends Pastor “Boy” Saycon and esteemed columnist Wlliam “Billy” Esposo who all, independently and from different groups, agree the issues surrounding the controversial Memorandum of Agreement between the Philippine government and the MILF are much more than meet the eye. And most of us, they say, are missing the point. And that’s exactly how “they” want it.

Who Benefits from the MOA (Part 1)
by Antonio ‘Butch’ Valdes (The Freeman) August 29, 2008
It’s important to view the strategic situation in Mindanao , not as a single issue, pitting the Muslims against the Christians, threatening to escalate into a civil war, but a process of destabilization designed to achieve confusion and chaos. This is precisely the trap which GMA administration has laid out via an onerous MOA, purposely leaked out to elicit an emotional and violent response from an agitated population. The abdication of its role to preserve and defend the sovereignty of our Republic is manifest in this present and incompetent leadership. Yet it fans the confusion by allowing “attack dogs” like Esperon to threaten and scare local officials into accepting what their constituents will naturally reject. But why? Who is the ultimate beneficiary of a strife-ridden Mindanao?
To answer this question, one must understand that the “process of destabilization” is not unique, not caused by religious differences, nor mere territorial disputes; and certainly not just the Philippines. Under closer observation penetrating through media spins, the presently ongoing social eruptions in Tibet, Myanmar, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia are considerably influenced by the British, and/or the war-hawks of the USA. The Neo-conservative organizations like the highly influential American Enterprise Institute and the British think-tank, Fabian Society, have literally singled out Russia and China as enemies and ultimate targets. The “rings of fire” along the perimeters of these two nations are characterized by the civil-unrest created by surrogates of the western powers.
The recent provocation by Saakashvili of Georgia, ordering the attack on UN installed Russian peacekeeper contingent in Ottesia, was calibrated to get a counter-attack from the Russian “aggressors.” These actions are consistent with the Serbian-Kosovo war, consistent with the destruction of Iraq for supposedly threatening the US with “weapons of mass-destruction,” : It is consistent with the decision to, and so far “unrealized,” attack on Iran, Syria, and the Hezbollah; it is consistent with neutralizing North Korea and dismantling all their power-generating capacity, selling them extremely expensive oil, which means a severe winter for their population, and another opportunity for destabilization.
When a civil war breaks-out anywhere in the world, the UN is mandated to intervene. If and when Mindanao plunges into this bloody process, the UN sponsored British/American agents, the very people who started it all in the first place, will preside over the official dismemberment of our Republic. … And what does this leadership get for demonstrating the “political will” to start a war among Filipinos? A charter change? Parliamentary system ? Prime Ministership? … Maybe, but certainly not Peace.
(To be continued) Part 2 Part 3

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