A Call to Defend the Filipino People


A Call To Defend The Filipino People

August 8, 2004

We, Filipinos of the 21st century, cognizant of the fact that our country is bankrupt, and facing its greatest economic crisis in history, threatened by social disintegration, starvation and death, do hereby demand of our leaders, to now refrain from lying, cheating and stealing, and rather exercise the responsibility given to them, to protect the general welfare and to defend our right to exist as human beings.

We call on leaders, in government, business, and the academe, to competently recognize that the present global financial system is in a process of collapse, and to dutifully defend our citizens from all those who seek material gain through a dehumanizing process, asphyxiating our society into unprecedented hardship and despair.
We call on all Filipinos, to act in solidarity with suffering peoples of the world, all victims of immoral and debilitating conditionalities imposed by the IMF and international financial oligarchy, and to demand that our leaders cease the implementation of a system which destroys precious human lives.
It is in this regard, that the Philippine government, as the sovereign embodiment of its citizens, should be mandated to immediately implement the following:
*To declare a moratorium on foreign debt payments, to allow time to rebuild and expand our productive physical economy; encouraging real investment into agro-industrial and manufacturing sectors; ensuring a genuine path towards development;
*Join the worldwide call, led by Lyndon LaRouche, for a new financial system of fixed exchange rates, based on the tradition of the Bretton Woods Agreement, and associate with proposals made by the Governments of Italy, Argentina, and Malaysia and a growing number of countries, institutions, statesmen and patriots.
*Resolve all major tax evasion cases which have been held pending or shelved through questionable and corrupt means.
*Generate real productive jobs through a massive infrastructure development program focused on energy generation, water and irrigation management, railway systems, and telecommunication.
*Stop the pork-barrel (CDF) system, abused by leadership to gain support for onerous legislation benefiting only those unscrupulous and unprincipled legislators, against the general public interest.
*Re-regulate foreign exchange transactions, instead of uselessly spending our reserves, to defend against speculative attacks, and increase the value of the currency through investment into infrastructure and capital equipment;
*Implement a tariff of at least 2% on any transaction involving portfolio investments (also known as hot money), discouraging speculators from attacks against the Philippine economy, and fostering new and real investment into the national economy through creative incentive programs.
*Stop import liberalization
*Stop privatization of all public utilities and other government-owned corporations so as to not allow private and profit motivated interests to take control over the lives of the citizenry.
*Re-regulate the oil industry and establish mutually beneficial bilateral trade with oil-producing nations for long-term agreements at fixed prices, thereby preventing speculators from influencing trade in this vital resource;
*Freeze high cost of electricity.
*Rescind all sovereign guarantee contracts.
Build more hospitals and a more effective and efficient healthcare system especially geared to providing modern medicine to the general populace, eliminating the dependence on private health maintenance and insurance companies; enhancing our capability to combat disease and epidemics.
*Build nuclear power and other energy systems designed to meet the needs of a growth-oriented physical economy, allowing further investment into science and technology to meet new demands of increased productivity.
*Create and sustain scientific research centers, focused on food production, health maintenance, and industry, recognizing that new creative discoveries are essential to national development; It is imperative that all gifted and creative scientific minds of the country be encouraged, harnessed and supported, as a natural and primary resource of our nation-state.
*Create a national educational system based on a humanist Christian approach, rooted in the Socratic method of discovering truth through science, and furthering the creative reasoning of all Filipino youth.
*Promote classical culture based on the world’s greatest scientific, moral and artistic ideas, neutralizing the rock / sex / drugs counter-culture dominating the entertainment industry, destroying and corrupting the minds of our young.
*Develop a new generation of Filipinos, inspired by truth and justice, and in the knowledge that we are all human beings, created in God’s image, and as such, shall not be treated like human-cattle, nor shall we treat our fellowmen as animals;
*Build a true nation-state, and collaborate in building other sovereign nation-states, whose principal purpose is to improve the quality of life of every single human being on this earth, so that our civilization, and those that follow, will once again enjoy the benefits of man’s creativity;
*Create a new truly sovereign republic, committed to promote the general welfare, the common good, for the benefit of future Filipino generations.
Together with true patriots of all nations, let us defeat the forces intent on destroying the human spirit to discover truth, as we enter a new global renaissance, a new just economic world order, a world of peace, development, and prosperity for all.
Katipunan ng Demokratikong Pilipino (KDP)
League of Filipino Democrats
LaRouche Youth Movement—Philippines (LYM)
08 August 2004

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