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Major Victory Against Obama’s Military Coup in the Philippines


Nov. 11, 2015 (EIRNS)–President Obama’s effort to essentially occupy the Philippines militarily as a base of operations against China was dealt a severe blow by the Philippine Senate Tuesday, just as the Noynoy Aquino puppet government and its largely subservient Supreme Court leaked that they were prepared to rule that the occupation was legal ON THE DAY BEFORE OBAMA ARRIVED IN MANILA for the annual APEC meeting on Nov. 17. The so-called EDCA (Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement), was signed during an official state visit by Obama to the Philippines in April 2014, and the decision of the Philippines Supreme Court that the agreement was not a treaty, just an executive agreement, and thus both Constitutional and outside the jurisdiction of the Senate, was timed to essentially crown Obama the governor general of the Philippines upon his arrival, allowing the mass deployment of US air, land, and sea forces into Philippine military bases across the country.

In fact, the deployment has already begun, despite the Constitutional prohibition of such deployments.

It was learned today that the historic vote in the Philippines Senate on Tuesday, ruling that the EDCA is indeed a treaty and must be ratified by the Senate, was promoted by Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago after Butch Valdes, the head of the Philippines LaRouche Society, was recognized on the floor of the Senate, along with three associates from the PINAS group (Philippines for Sovereignty) who have led the fight to stop the US military occupation.

On the same day, the PINAS group submitted the Friend of the Court brief written by LaRouche ally US Sen. Mike Gravel to the Philippines Supreme Court, arguing on moral, historical and political grounds that the Philippines must not submit to the US war policy. Even if the Court rules (as expected) that the EDCA is Constitutional, the Senate has now pre-empted their subservience to Obama. LaRouche networks and their allies will now mobilize the Philippine population and members of Congress to stop Obama in his tracks by shutting down this imperial ploy altogether.

Philippines Senate Insists US Military Occupation of Philippines Bases is a Treaty, Must Get Senate Approval


Nov. 10, 2015 (EIRNS)–The Senate of the Philippines today rejected Obama’s puppet-President Noynoy Aquino’s claim that his deal signed with the U.S. to deploy massive air, land, and sea forces and equipment into eight or more Philippine military bases, is not a treaty — just an “executive agreement” — and therefore did not need the approval of the Senate.

Fourteen Senators out of 23 voted in favor of a resolution introduced by Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago to pronounce the deal a treaty, which must be passed by the Senate in order to be implemented. The vote came none too soon, as it has been leaked that the Supreme Court is about to rule in favor of the Constitutionality of the agreement, despite a clear Constitution restriction against foreign bases on Philippines soil.

Members of the Philippine LaRouche Society were at the Senate, with other opponents of Obama’s plan to use the Philippines as a base for war on China.

U.S. Sen. Mike Gravel (Alaska, 1969-81) has prepared a “Petition for Intervention” (called a “Friend of the Court” brief in the U.S.) to the Philippines Supreme Court, arguing for the Philippines to “Save Itself” and to help the U.S. “Save Us From Ourselves” by rejecting the military war policy.

Sen. Santiago made clear that she will oppose the so-called Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) if it comes to the Senate. She is also a Presidential candidate for the 2016 election, with Bong Bong Marcos (the son of Ferdinand Marcos, the nationalist President subjected to “regime change” by George Shultz and his neocon circle in 1986) running as her Vice Presidential candidate.

China to Obama: You Are Cutting Your Ties to Asia with Your Belligerence


Nov. 6 (EIRNS)–The official Chinese paper Global Times today issued an editorial which sent a clear message to Obama. Referring to the ASEAN rejection of Obama’s demand to include an attack on China in the joint communiquĂ© of the Defense Ministers meeting of the ASEAN Plus last weekend, the editorial said: “Both the U.S. and Japan are trying to use the disputes as leverage. But ASEAN is not siding with the U.S. ASEAN wants to play a neutral role and see peace and stability in the South China Sea. That the U.S. tries to mess up the situation with the Philippines does not suit the interests of ASEAN.”

It goes on: “The impact of its war of words and the warship patrol is being wiped out. If the U.S. wants to create more waves over the matter, it will only have to risk its own interests. If China and the U.S. have to face a military stand-off one day in the South China Sea, the Philippines cannot shield itself from the confrontation. The countries which dragged the U.S. into the disputes will feel regret. Such a game will only lead to a common tragedy. ASEAN is clear about this.”

And further: “The era when disputes can be solved through warfare has gone. China, as the most powerful regional country, has advocated resolving disputes through negotiations. Making the South China Sea the forerunner of the global geopolitical game seriously violates regional interests and will only benefit external countries such as the U.S. and Japan. As the U.S. escalates its provocative actions in the South China Sea, regional countries will be clearer on this.”

The article then notes that President Xi Jinping is visiting Vietnam–one of the countries Obama has courted to join in a confrontation with China–and Singapore, showing that “China has solid foundations with Southeast Asian countries. Even in relations with the Philippines, the South China Sea issue is not the entire picture of bilateral relations. That the issue becomes thorny is largely attributed to U.S. meddling.”

Malaysia and ASEAN Stand Up to Obama’s Threats over South China Sea


Nov. 4, 2015 (EIRNS)–The ASEAN-Plus meeting of defense ministers fell apart today, as Malaysia, chairing the meeting in Kuala Lumpur, and most of the ASEAN nations, stood up against Obama’s war-mongering thug tactics (through his Secretary of Defense Ash Carter), refusing to bend to Carter’s demand that the final communique include US-approved wording on the South China Sea.

The Information Office of China’s Ministry of National Defense said that “China had reached a consensus with Malaysia and other ASEAN countries on the content” of the proposed Joint Communique, drafted by host country Malaysia — meaning they had found a way to address the South China Sea that was acceptable to the Philippines and Vietnam (since all ASEAN decisions are done by consensus), or that the issue would be left out altogether. However, Carter rejected the draft, and demanded (with Japanese and Australian support, press reports indicate) that Malaysia present a new draft condeming China for its activities in the South China Sea. Malaysia and at least most of ASEAN refused — far more interested in the real problem of ISIS and terrorism and cooperation with China on both defense and economic development. As a result, there was no final communique issued at all.

The Chinese Defense Ministry said that “some individual countries outside the region ignored the existing consensus and attempted to forcefully add into the declaration contents not discussed during the meeting. Such behavior totally deviated the purposes and principles of the ADMM-Plus (ASEAN Defense Ministers Meeting Plus) and damaged the central and dominating role of ASEAN in the mechanism.”

Of course, the US blamed China for the meeting’s collapse. They claimed that it was China’s reclamation activities that are responsible for the disputes and that it was China had used it’s economic clout to armtwist the ASEAN nations.

The fact that it was Malaysia which led the fight against the US war policy is very significant. Malaysia also has claims in the South China Sea, and has expressed its concern about China’s claim to the entire area. Also, Prime Minister Najib is in deep trouble over a huge corruption charge over a state investment fund which is missing billions of dollars, and it was believed by many that Najib would do Obama’s bidding to sustain US support in the crisis.

But he did not. We can expect some nasty operations against Malaysia as a result of their courage in defending peace and development.

Ash Carter also took the opportunity of meeting with Chinese Defense Minister Chang Wanquan at the forum in Kuala Lumpur to bluster, according to Carter’s aide, that “the United States will continue to fly, sail, and operate wherever international law allows,” and that “the South China Sea would not be an exception.” This again demonstrates that Obama is simply lying, again, in saying the US takes no position on the issue of sovereignty over the South China Sea, since the US destroyer’s breach of the 12-mile limit around the Chinese islands on Oct. 27 clearly shows they have taken a position against China, and are threatening war.

Philippine Statement Denouncing Obama’s War Provocation and Planned Military Occupation of Philippine Bases


Nov. 3, 2015 (EIRNS)–The following  powerful statement denouncing Obama’s provocation to war with China was adopted by PINAS, Philippines in Support of Sovereignty, a group of prominent individuals, members of Congress, and organizations opposed to the US military occupation of Philippine military bases, and similar threats to the nation’s sovereignty. It was written at their request by Butch Valdes, the head of the Philippine LaRouche Society. It compliments the Friend of the Court brief being submitted to the Philippine Supreme Court by Sen. Mike Gravel: “Despite our presently unresolved territorial issues with countries surrounding the West Philippine Seas, it is with unequivocal opposition that we view the outrageous military provocation of China, by US President Obama under the guise of freedom of navigation.

“In blatant disregard for the sovereignty and security concerns of Southeast Asian Nations, the US has initiated threatening actions against China, which not only destabilizes the whole region, but also may provide the spark of thermonuclear confrontation between the two superpowers. “Our concern is aggravated by the declared and insane acquiescence of the current President Benigno Aquino III of the critically dangerous advances by an equally impaired Barrack Obama. The risk to 100 million Filipino lives notwithstanding, Aquino has signed a constitutionally infirm agreement allowing the US forces access to all our airports and seaports, ply our territorial waters, and set up American bases within our Philippine bases.

“It is this highly questionable accommodation by the Philippine President, the tacit approval of a mercenary Senate, and obviously intimidated Supreme Court that has provided US nuclear-armed warships the bases to mount and implement provocative action against their principal adversary in the region.

“We call on all patriotic Filipinos to REJECT the presently disastrous condition of allowing foreign military installations in Philippine territories. The US geo-political intentions, through President Obamas actions are manifestly clear. Their decisions and actions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Syria, and Ukraine are now glaring examples of internal chaos, AFTER they have been supposedly liberated from dictatorship, into democracy.

“Let us uphold the principles of sovereignty, and advocate a world community of Sovereign Nation-States bound by a common objective to improve the quality of life of every single human being on the planet, so that our generation and those after us, can reap the benefits of Man’s collaboration and collective creativity.”