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A Declaration by the S4S


Originally published by Solidarity for Sovereignty S4S ( on November 21st 2011.

Nov. 21, 2011

In evaluating the impact of a strategic situation which a failed leadership has imposed on our society today, it is imperative for all to recognize that the single most significant and destructive event now confronting our nation is the presently on-going global financial collapse, the escalation and imminence of world conflict, the unabated rise hunger and diseases, and this administration’s glaring inability to effect an appropriate response.

In a series of leadership changes, all of questionable competence and legitimacy, the last twenty five year period has brought nothing but a dramatic deterioration of living conditions, proliferation of political dynasties, and increasing levels of chaos and anarchy unprecedented in our nation’s history.

Yet as those who claim to be leaders of the Filipino people continue to use and abuse the Constitution for their own personal benefit, in complete and total disregard for the general welfare, in conspiracy with certain institutions and in the private and public sectors, a condition of mass deception prevails.

Consider the following:

In a gross violation of our Constitution, which mandates that COMELEC , and only COMELEC, should administer and conduct Philippine elections, the 2010 National Elections were administered by a foreign corporation as this was clearly proven in subsequent hearings conducted by Congress.

If it is now a foregone conclusion that Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo cheated in the 2004 and 2007 elections, is it not safe to conclude that , having complete control of COMELEC and Smartmatic, that she and her cabal would cheat in the 2010 elections, being the most important , since the new “president-elect” “installed” by her, will keep her from being jailed?

And if our conclusions are true, should not the legitimacy of the present administration be questioned? What crimes have been committed against the Filipino People in this regard?

Furthermore, if such a “deal” were concluded, would it not be of common interest to both parties and their accessories that a new Constitution be established to render all previous violations as moot and academic?

Are these not the reasons why the Supreme Court, despite GMA’s unconstitutional “midnight appointees” have been left untouched?; that her principal ally, former chief justice Davide, was to head the “Truth Commission.” ; that her very first resolution filed as congresswoman was for Charter Change?; and, that Pres. Aquino’s feeble reply to it was to say that it was not his administration’s priority?

And lastly, have our so called “elected leaders” prostituted themselves to foreign intervention by submitting to their preferences , accepting their publicly given congratulatory actions , prior to canvassing and subsequent proclamation by Congress?

These actions betray the workings of sinister minds, taking full advantage of a desperate and confused population, to tighten the noose of fascism and establish themselves as de-facto dictators—“elections” not withstanding—it is through this continued usurpation that intellectually incompetent and morally decadent leaders , acting as surrogates of evil, are able to effect economic and genocidal programs on our people.

If we are to save the nation, from the on-rushing onslaught of War, Famine and Disease, we have to unite in rejecting everything which seeks to destroy our efforts to preserve the dignity of human life.

We call on all Filipino Patriots, of all regions, of all ideologies, of all political parties, of all sectors of society, to act in accordance with Man’s true nature, created in God’s image, with inherent powers of cognition, and capacity to promote the common good, to vigorously cause the elimination of political and economic policies which violate our inalienable and sovereign rights.

We challenge the Filipino Youth, to participate and demand from your elders the opportunity to realize your dreams of a society based on Truth, Justice , Peace and Development.

Mabuhay ang Pilipino.

Mabuhay ang Bansang Pilipinas.

Solidarity for Sovereignty (S4S)

Solidarity for Sovereignty Organizes Joint Muslim-Christian Conference to Fight Population Control


June 6, 2011 — A Joint Christian-Muslim Conference was held in Gabaldon Hall, Club Filipino, San Juan City, Metro Manila in defense of life, and opposed to the Malthusian, Imperial policies of depopulation as they are being pushed onto the Philippines at a moment of existential crisis to the nation. Among the founders are: Ma. Linda O. Montayre, head convenor of the Solidarity 4 Sovereignty (S4S); Butch Valdes, head of the Philippines LaRouche Society; Archbishop Oscar Cruz, former President of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines; Alim Ahmad Basher, President of Imams’ League of the Philippines); Dr. Mashur Bin-Ghaalib Jundam, Dean of the University of the Philippines Institute of Islamic Studies and an officer of the MNLF; and other political, religious and business leaders.

Convened in opposition to a “Reproductive Health Bill” being pushed through the Congress by President Noynoy Aquino and others, aimed at weakening the nation’s restrictions against population control policies, the presentations at the Conference targetted not only the local anti-life policies, but the imperial policy of depopulation internationally.

Archbishop Oscar Cruz specifically hit at Henry Kissinger’s NSSM 200 policy from 1974, which named the Philippines (among others) as a nation whose population growth must be stopped in order to save the natural resources for the western oligarchy. He noted that the EU had promised to provide large sums to finance contraceptives and other population control efforts, while aid for development is being cut.

Dr. Jundam warned that the Islamic people of the Philippines would be driven to push for secession if the federal government pushed through anti-human policies.

Butch Valdes addressed the British imperial roots of the anti-population policies, from Rev. Malthus to Bertrand Russell and Prince Philip, and described Jonathan Swift’s “Modest Proposal” as the proper means of exposing and ridiculing the evil policies. Butch emphasized that the Christian-Islam cooperation went beyond politics, beyond “anti-corruption” efforts, to the more fundamental issue of human creativity as the identity of man in the image of God, as opposed to the beasts. He identified the “Clash of Civilizations” myth, and the imperial war policies, aimed at turning Christians and Muslims against each other, as simply another aspect of the Imperial depopulation effort.

Hear the speakers address the conference:
Archbishop Oscar Cruz

Butch Valdes Leads “Solidarity for Sovereignty” Movement to Counter Subversion in the Philippines


June 3, 2010 (LPAC) — Butch Valdes, the head of the Philippine LaRouche Society and a well-known nationalist economist in his country, spearheaded the founding of a movement this week called Solidarity for Sovereignty, aimed at uniting the various opposition forces to deal with the massive fraud in the presidential and congressional elections held in May. The movement drew about 1,000 people to its first meeting today in Manila, with representatives of nearly all the presidential candidates in those elections, where they signed a Declaration of Sovereignty, calling for nullification of the election pending an investigation into the multiple layers of fraud.

The Declaration references the multiple reports of fraud and the refusal to allow inspection of the machines used by the national election agency and the US-based Smartmatic computer voting machine company that ran the elections.

The Declaration also blasts the new US Ambassador to the Philippines, Harry K. Thomas, for making a grandstand visit to the home of the supposed winner of the presidential election, Noynoy Aquino (son of Cory, who was placed in power when the Marcos regime was overthrown in 1986 by George Shultz and his boys), even before the official tally of votes took place in the Congress.

The Declaration also points to a dirty deal between Aquino and outgoing President Gloria Arroyo, reported to have been brokered by Ambassador Thomas, to allow the election to go forward despite the breakdown of the machines in the days preceding the vote, in exchange for a pledge by Aquino not to prosecute Gloria (as Aquino had promised to do as part of his campaign) for her many crimes in office.

The movement is filing a TRO in the Supreme Court tomorrow to try to stop the canvassing and the proclamation of Noynoy as President until an investigation is carried out.

Speaking at the event in addition to Butch were a leading businessman, Ramon Pedrosa, who co-chairs the Philippines Atoms for Peace Organization, and leading political activist Linda Montayre, and others. A report on drug money in the campaign was a major issue, as a provincial governor who was about to reveal drug money payoffs to top officials was killed last week when his helicopter blew up.

Declaration of Sovereignty


Declaration of Sovereignty
May 31, 2010

Whereas, the presentation of witnesses and mounting evidence of wide-spread election anomalies have more than manifested the gross negligence and incompetence of the officials of the Comelec, as well as Smartmatic officials, those contracted to provide an efficient means of collecting, computing, collating, and transmitting data to automate part of the electoral process, and who have repeatedly lied and misled the general public by issuing contradictory and purposely ambiguous statements, betraying their bad faith and wilful misrepresentation of themselves and their capabilities to conduct good and honest elections;

Whereas, the processes and specific procedures as programmed instructions in the PCOS machines and the “flash cards” have not been available for examination and scrutiny to all the candidates by Comelec/Smartmatic because of their onerous claim that such are private property, despite the fact that Philippine Government is expected to pay for the same and involves an issue of national security and of choosing the leader of a sovereign republic;

Whereas, the U.S. Ambassador Thomas and senior staff of the U.S. Embassy, committed a serious breach of protocol, when they called upon Noynoy Aquino, to congratulate him at his residence, in the presence of mainstream media, prior to his official proclamation, amidst rising controversy on the irregular and dubious conduct of the elections. The visit by the Ambassador was a direct and overt intervention on the process of election and a violation of the principle of sovereignty–the presumed nature of all nation-states;

Whereas, the overwhelming majority of the people, the forgotten men, women and children, continue to be helpless and confused by a conspiracy of politicians, businessmen, media organizations, and members of the academe, who have arrogated upon themselves the power to rule and administer our Republic through whatever dubious means, usurping the people’s will, intimidating and threatening those who dare tell the truth, bribing those who are contemplating to stand by their principles, or physically neutralizing still others who oppose them;

Now and therefore, in-behalf of our constituents, the forgotten yet overwhelming majority of the Filipino people, the disenfranchised citizenry, the confused and manipulated poor, the youth whose future is being stolen, the men and women, who chose to tell the truth despite the ridicule and intimidation they receive from the greedy and the powerful;

We, who are their leaders, their representatives, their spokesmen, their fellow citizens, and their only hope, do hereby denounce the massive electoral fraud committed by unscrupulous and mercenary officials in the Comelec and the Smartmatic corporation;

Furthermore, we strongly denounce the insidious effort to intervene in the electoral process of the Sovereign Republic of the Philippines, by the Ambassador of the United States of America, H.E. Ambassador Thomas, as he called on Benigno Aquino III, PRIOR TO CANVASSING OF VOTES by the House of Representatives, and PRIOR TO HIS OFFICIAL PROCLAMATION, as the winner of the last election, to congratulate him for his victory. This malicious intervention was designed to pre-empt all hearings and investigations on numerous anomalies substantially affecting local and national tallies, and to encourage other nations’ representatives to call and send in their own congratulatory statements. Thereby blatantly ignoring protocol, and officially recognizing an administration which legally has yet to exist;

And lastly, we vehemently denounce any apparent and perceived deals, if made, or about to be concluded, by the incumbent President, and/or her surrogates, with any leading Presidential candidate, which would effectively be a betrayal of trust, criminal conspiracy to share power, prolong and compound the difficulties of our people, delay or deny justice from prevailing in any and all corruption and human rights cases which may be filed against concerned individuals in the proper courts and circumstances.

True to our conviction, our responsibility to the Filipino as a duty of every patriotic citizen of the sovereign Republic of the Philippines, believing and inspired by the One True God, we herein associate and cause this document to be our own.
30th May 2010