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The Color Revolution Campaign Begins in the Philippines


Sept. 15 (EIRNS)–The woman leading the Philippine Senate inquiry into alleged extra-judicial killings in President Duterte’s War on Drugs, Leila de Lima, the former Justice Secretary under Aquino and former chairwoman of the Philippine Commission on Human Rights, brought out a witness today, Edgar Matobato, who testified that he was part of the 300-member “Davao Death Squad” which he alleges was run on the orders of then Mayor of Davao, Duterte. The Inquirer reports that Matobato testified the death squad killed alleged drug dealers and criminals in the southern city of Davao between 1988 and 2013. More than 1,000 were killed in Davao City alone, he claimed.

Leila de Lima has been going after Duterte for many years, running a massive investigation into what she called criminal activity in Duterte’s cleaning out drugs and crime in Davao City, which everyone admits was successful. In all the investigations, de Lima came up with nothing, and never was able to prosecute anything. Matobato, it turns out, turned against Duterte in 2013 and was placed in a witness protection program by de Lima by at least 2014, meaning de Lima had access to all this testimony long ago, but never brought it forward — probably because there was no evidence and many people call Matobato a liar, who perhaps could be called the Philippines’s “Curve Ball.”

Many people have come forward today to denounce the witness as a liar. Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, who supports the President, clashed with the witness and de Lima in the hearing, questioning Matobato’s credibility and accused him of being part of a plot to overthrow the president. “I’m asking about you (de Lima), your motive and the motive of your party in this hearing because I am testing if he’s a credible witness or if this is part of the plan B of the Liberal Party to grab Malacañang [presidential palace] and to destroy him (Duterte)” he said.

Duterte included de Lima on his list of officials with drug connections, saying that her driver was a drug courier (as well as her lover). He announced today that he has an updated list of about 1000 officials  — judges, police, military, mayors, etc — who are involved in the drug trade, which he will release soon.

Ernesto Abella, a presidential spokesman, said the hearing was a rehash of issues that have already been addressed in 2009 under de Lima, and that even then no case was filed against then-Mayor Duterte. He added: Aside from indications that this is a perjured witness, one wonders at the timing of the case, when de Lima is about to face the Senate inquiry on her alleged involvement in the illegal drug case.

Neo-Cons Threaten Duterte


Sept. 14, 2016 (EIRNS) — The neo-Conservative Center for a New American Security (CNAS) today issued a veiled death threat to Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte. Under the title: “Can the U.S.-Philippine Alliance Endure Duterte?”, CNAS hands Patrick Cronin and Anthony Woon Cho list the various measures by Duterte against Obama’s treatment of the Philippines as a puppet state and as a military base for a war on China, describing each step as both anti-American and a threat to Asia as a whole by undermining the anti-China crusade.

Cronin writes: “The Philippine president managed within a mere 24-hours to shock the world by ordering his defense secretary to work on security pronouncements with China and Russia to combat drug traffickers and insurgents and cease joint patrols in the South China Sea alongside the U.S. Navy.”

The final sentence of the diatribe can only be described as a veiled threat on Duterte’s life: “It isn’t too late for President Duterte to tone back his rhetoric and weigh the will of his people. However, time is running out; Duterte must start walking back from the edge before he is unable find his way back.”

Will Obama add Duterte to his weekly drone kill list?

The IAEA Manila Conference on Nuclear Power in Asia a Great Success


Sep. 1 (EIRNS)–The three day conference on Nuclear Power in the Asia-Pacific Region, sponsored by the IAEA in Manila, concluded today with a rousing call from the Duterte government’s Energy Secretary for reopening the mothballed Bataan Nuclear Plant and proceeding onwards with nuclear power.

Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi said that the conference had provided him and others with a “virtual crash course on the entire chain of launching  a nuclear program and the importance of public information.” He said that he and others had visited the Bataan plant Thursday morning. “The timing of this summit is perfect,” Cusi said. “As a coincidence we had a hearing also in the Senate. We discussed also nuclear power plants and today we inspected the BNPP and there are a lot of discussions,” he said.

It should be noted that Butch Valdes, the head of the Philippines LaRouche Society, had organized a tour of the Bataan plant for politicians and engineers several years ago, which sparked the growing interest in reversing the disaster of shutting the plant after its completion in 1985, without producing a single watt of electricity. He has since been the leading spokesman for restoring the Bataan plant, and was invited to address the conference on Wednesday (see the accompanying report on his presentation).

Cusi said that “with intensified electrification programs, increasing population, and strong GDP growth, demand for electricity is expected to grow by an average of 5 percent per year… This is the most pressing concern for the country,” and that “given its known characteristics, nuclear energy can be a viable choice for the country.”

Cusi said one of the things they learned was how other nations launched their own nuclear programs.

The meeting was chaired by the Philippine Ambassador to the UN, Zeneida Angara Collinson, who told the press: “For me the most important thing is the understanding of our people about what nuclear energy, nuclear power is all about. Having understood that, then we can form our own opinion.”  She noted that experts who attended the event claimed that the BNPP was sturdier than the nuclear reactor in Fukushima, which was damaged by an earthquake and a tsunami. She said that while a single nuclear reactor will cost billions of pesos, it is cheaper to run because of the relatively cheap cost of fuel, and noted the dozens of nuclear plants being constructed in Asia. “They can no longer get [energy] from biomass, solar,” she said, adding that they were “fluctuating and we cannot use them as baseload.”  The ambassador said the Philippines is already lagging behind.

“Malaysia already has a nuclear science university,” she said, explaining that knowledge in nuclear science can be applied to agriculture and health.

Obama Sent U.S. Destroyer into China Territorial Waters; Beijing Issues Stern Warning


Oct. 27, 2015 (EIRNS)–On Obama’s go-ahead, the {U.S.S. Lassen}, a guided-missile destroyer, today transitted Chinese territorial waters in the South China Sea, by going near Subi Reef, inside the 12-nautical-mile zone, in the Spratly Islands.

A statement against this was swiftly issued by the Foreign Ministry of China, whose authorities tracked the U.S. ship, which had, as the statement warned, “illegally entered into the waters of China’s Spratly Islands.” U.S. Ambassador to China Max Baucus was summoned to the Ministry, and told that the {U.S.S. Lassen} patrol was “extremely irresponsible.”

This Obama escalation of confrontation in Eurasia includes threat of more action, with Pentagon sources speaking of US patrol forays in the South China Sea, off Vietnam and The Philippines.

The Chinese Ministry statement said: “The action taken by the U.S. warship has threatened China’s sovereignty and security interest, and has put the safety of personnel on the reefs in danger.” Ministry spokesman, Lu Kang said, “If any country thinks that, through some gimmicks, they will be able to interfere with or even prevent China from engaging in reasonable, legitimate and legal activities in its own territories, I want to suggest those countries give up such fantasy.” Lu added, “In fact, if relevant parties insist on creating tensions in the region and making trouble out of nothing, it may force China to draw the conclusion that we need to strengthen and hasten the buildup of our relevant capabilities. I advise the U.S. not to create such a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

However, within hours of the incident, Defense Secretary Ash Carter, when pressed on the matter at the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing this morning, said, “We will fly, sail and operate wherever international law permits.” He said that, “we have a re-balance to the Asia-Pacific” underway, and we will be doing more.

Sen. Mike Gravel, on Philippines Radio, Hits Obama War Plans Internationally


Oct. 25, 2015 (EIRNS)–Former U.S. Senator Mike Gravel appeared this morning on Philippines radio DZXL 558 for 40 minutes, interviewed by Philippines LaRouche Society leaders Butch Valdes and Ver Archivido. Gravel issued a powerful call to the Philippines people to save themselves, the United States, and the world from the Obama drive for world war, by rejecting the U.S. effort to place massive military installations across their country, which would make the Philippines the “friction point to a conflict with China,” the “spear-point” for war on China. He appealed to the nation to stand up, declare that the nation is sovereign, and reject any foreign military forces on their soil.

If they would do so, said Gravel, he believes South Korea and Japan would soon follow their lead and remove U.S. troops, which would lead quickly to the peaceful reunification of Korea and a far better relationship between Japan and its Asian neighbors. He said the South China Sea should be made a common area, putting sovereignty issues aside in order to pursue joint development, drawing especially on China’s One-Belt One-Road development process, which could go a long way to alleviate the horrible poverty in the Philippines.

He said that if the U.S. military deployment is not stopped by the case now before the Philippine Supreme Court, it will only grow, and “far exceed even what the unfortunate Vietnam War caused, which foisted our own immorality on the Philippines in a war that was fought in vain, killing 3 million Asians for no purpose.” He warned that the U.S. military presence would again “turn the Philippines into a U.S. military whorehouse,” as it did in the Vietnam War era.

Gravel ridiculed the U.S. claim that China is “militarizing” the South China Sea, noting that “a single missile would decimate the new islands, which can therefore serve no military purpose.” He expressed his hope that the Philippine Supreme Court would accept and consider his Friend of the Court brief, to be filed on Oct. 27, and that the Court and/or the Philippine Senate would act to end Obama’s militarization program.

The Senator said that the Chinese are trying to unify the world through economic development, while the United States wants to unify the world under its military power. “Which do you choose?” he asked. “It should be a no-brainer.”

Senator Gravel also described Obama’s drone killing program as a sign of the “moral depravity” of Obama, who has “no empathy, no understanding of our country, disregards our laws on habeas corpus [and] the right to face one’s accusers,” and who “makes decisions on his own over who lives and who dies.”

Butch Valdes concluded that it was a “breath of fresh air” to hear a U.S. politician telling the truth, unlike the many who have visited the Philippines in the past with lectures and lies.