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Philippine Statement Denouncing Obama’s War Provocation and Planned Military Occupation of Philippine Bases


Nov. 3, 2015 (EIRNS)–The following  powerful statement denouncing Obama’s provocation to war with China was adopted by PINAS, Philippines in Support of Sovereignty, a group of prominent individuals, members of Congress, and organizations opposed to the US military occupation of Philippine military bases, and similar threats to the nation’s sovereignty. It was written at their request by Butch Valdes, the head of the Philippine LaRouche Society. It compliments the Friend of the Court brief being submitted to the Philippine Supreme Court by Sen. Mike Gravel: “Despite our presently unresolved territorial issues with countries surrounding the West Philippine Seas, it is with unequivocal opposition that we view the outrageous military provocation of China, by US President Obama under the guise of freedom of navigation.

“In blatant disregard for the sovereignty and security concerns of Southeast Asian Nations, the US has initiated threatening actions against China, which not only destabilizes the whole region, but also may provide the spark of thermonuclear confrontation between the two superpowers. “Our concern is aggravated by the declared and insane acquiescence of the current President Benigno Aquino III of the critically dangerous advances by an equally impaired Barrack Obama. The risk to 100 million Filipino lives notwithstanding, Aquino has signed a constitutionally infirm agreement allowing the US forces access to all our airports and seaports, ply our territorial waters, and set up American bases within our Philippine bases.

“It is this highly questionable accommodation by the Philippine President, the tacit approval of a mercenary Senate, and obviously intimidated Supreme Court that has provided US nuclear-armed warships the bases to mount and implement provocative action against their principal adversary in the region.

“We call on all patriotic Filipinos to REJECT the presently disastrous condition of allowing foreign military installations in Philippine territories. The US geo-political intentions, through President Obamas actions are manifestly clear. Their decisions and actions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Syria, and Ukraine are now glaring examples of internal chaos, AFTER they have been supposedly liberated from dictatorship, into democracy.

“Let us uphold the principles of sovereignty, and advocate a world community of Sovereign Nation-States bound by a common objective to improve the quality of life of every single human being on the planet, so that our generation and those after us, can reap the benefits of Man’s collaboration and collective creativity.”

A Declaration by the S4S


Originally published by Solidarity for Sovereignty S4S ( on November 21st 2011.

Nov. 21, 2011

In evaluating the impact of a strategic situation which a failed leadership has imposed on our society today, it is imperative for all to recognize that the single most significant and destructive event now confronting our nation is the presently on-going global financial collapse, the escalation and imminence of world conflict, the unabated rise hunger and diseases, and this administration’s glaring inability to effect an appropriate response.

In a series of leadership changes, all of questionable competence and legitimacy, the last twenty five year period has brought nothing but a dramatic deterioration of living conditions, proliferation of political dynasties, and increasing levels of chaos and anarchy unprecedented in our nation’s history.

Yet as those who claim to be leaders of the Filipino people continue to use and abuse the Constitution for their own personal benefit, in complete and total disregard for the general welfare, in conspiracy with certain institutions and in the private and public sectors, a condition of mass deception prevails.

Consider the following:

In a gross violation of our Constitution, which mandates that COMELEC , and only COMELEC, should administer and conduct Philippine elections, the 2010 National Elections were administered by a foreign corporation as this was clearly proven in subsequent hearings conducted by Congress.

If it is now a foregone conclusion that Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo cheated in the 2004 and 2007 elections, is it not safe to conclude that , having complete control of COMELEC and Smartmatic, that she and her cabal would cheat in the 2010 elections, being the most important , since the new “president-elect” “installed” by her, will keep her from being jailed?

And if our conclusions are true, should not the legitimacy of the present administration be questioned? What crimes have been committed against the Filipino People in this regard?

Furthermore, if such a “deal” were concluded, would it not be of common interest to both parties and their accessories that a new Constitution be established to render all previous violations as moot and academic?

Are these not the reasons why the Supreme Court, despite GMA’s unconstitutional “midnight appointees” have been left untouched?; that her principal ally, former chief justice Davide, was to head the “Truth Commission.” ; that her very first resolution filed as congresswoman was for Charter Change?; and, that Pres. Aquino’s feeble reply to it was to say that it was not his administration’s priority?

And lastly, have our so called “elected leaders” prostituted themselves to foreign intervention by submitting to their preferences , accepting their publicly given congratulatory actions , prior to canvassing and subsequent proclamation by Congress?

These actions betray the workings of sinister minds, taking full advantage of a desperate and confused population, to tighten the noose of fascism and establish themselves as de-facto dictators—“elections” not withstanding—it is through this continued usurpation that intellectually incompetent and morally decadent leaders , acting as surrogates of evil, are able to effect economic and genocidal programs on our people.

If we are to save the nation, from the on-rushing onslaught of War, Famine and Disease, we have to unite in rejecting everything which seeks to destroy our efforts to preserve the dignity of human life.

We call on all Filipino Patriots, of all regions, of all ideologies, of all political parties, of all sectors of society, to act in accordance with Man’s true nature, created in God’s image, with inherent powers of cognition, and capacity to promote the common good, to vigorously cause the elimination of political and economic policies which violate our inalienable and sovereign rights.

We challenge the Filipino Youth, to participate and demand from your elders the opportunity to realize your dreams of a society based on Truth, Justice , Peace and Development.

Mabuhay ang Pilipino.

Mabuhay ang Bansang Pilipinas.

Solidarity for Sovereignty (S4S)

Declaration of Sovereignty


Declaration of Sovereignty
May 31, 2010

Whereas, the presentation of witnesses and mounting evidence of wide-spread election anomalies have more than manifested the gross negligence and incompetence of the officials of the Comelec, as well as Smartmatic officials, those contracted to provide an efficient means of collecting, computing, collating, and transmitting data to automate part of the electoral process, and who have repeatedly lied and misled the general public by issuing contradictory and purposely ambiguous statements, betraying their bad faith and wilful misrepresentation of themselves and their capabilities to conduct good and honest elections;

Whereas, the processes and specific procedures as programmed instructions in the PCOS machines and the “flash cards” have not been available for examination and scrutiny to all the candidates by Comelec/Smartmatic because of their onerous claim that such are private property, despite the fact that Philippine Government is expected to pay for the same and involves an issue of national security and of choosing the leader of a sovereign republic;

Whereas, the U.S. Ambassador Thomas and senior staff of the U.S. Embassy, committed a serious breach of protocol, when they called upon Noynoy Aquino, to congratulate him at his residence, in the presence of mainstream media, prior to his official proclamation, amidst rising controversy on the irregular and dubious conduct of the elections. The visit by the Ambassador was a direct and overt intervention on the process of election and a violation of the principle of sovereignty–the presumed nature of all nation-states;

Whereas, the overwhelming majority of the people, the forgotten men, women and children, continue to be helpless and confused by a conspiracy of politicians, businessmen, media organizations, and members of the academe, who have arrogated upon themselves the power to rule and administer our Republic through whatever dubious means, usurping the people’s will, intimidating and threatening those who dare tell the truth, bribing those who are contemplating to stand by their principles, or physically neutralizing still others who oppose them;

Now and therefore, in-behalf of our constituents, the forgotten yet overwhelming majority of the Filipino people, the disenfranchised citizenry, the confused and manipulated poor, the youth whose future is being stolen, the men and women, who chose to tell the truth despite the ridicule and intimidation they receive from the greedy and the powerful;

We, who are their leaders, their representatives, their spokesmen, their fellow citizens, and their only hope, do hereby denounce the massive electoral fraud committed by unscrupulous and mercenary officials in the Comelec and the Smartmatic corporation;

Furthermore, we strongly denounce the insidious effort to intervene in the electoral process of the Sovereign Republic of the Philippines, by the Ambassador of the United States of America, H.E. Ambassador Thomas, as he called on Benigno Aquino III, PRIOR TO CANVASSING OF VOTES by the House of Representatives, and PRIOR TO HIS OFFICIAL PROCLAMATION, as the winner of the last election, to congratulate him for his victory. This malicious intervention was designed to pre-empt all hearings and investigations on numerous anomalies substantially affecting local and national tallies, and to encourage other nations’ representatives to call and send in their own congratulatory statements. Thereby blatantly ignoring protocol, and officially recognizing an administration which legally has yet to exist;

And lastly, we vehemently denounce any apparent and perceived deals, if made, or about to be concluded, by the incumbent President, and/or her surrogates, with any leading Presidential candidate, which would effectively be a betrayal of trust, criminal conspiracy to share power, prolong and compound the difficulties of our people, delay or deny justice from prevailing in any and all corruption and human rights cases which may be filed against concerned individuals in the proper courts and circumstances.

True to our conviction, our responsibility to the Filipino as a duty of every patriotic citizen of the sovereign Republic of the Philippines, believing and inspired by the One True God, we herein associate and cause this document to be our own.
30th May 2010

Three Urgent Steps for the Survival of Our Nation


Three Urgent Steps For The Survival Of Our Nation
July 1, 2008

As the whole world experiences the on-going and rapid disintegration of the global economic and financial system, despite ample warnings by the LaRouche Movement, a negligent government, incompetent economic managers, and a confused population helplessly look on as prices of all commodities begin to spiral;

As economic policies of import-liberalization, privatization and deregulation have proven to be the means to destroy our society’s ability to survive as a nation;

As the system of “floating-exchange” rates , implemented in 1971-72, provided the mechanism for the world’s rapacious creditors, represented by the IMF, to impose periodic and continuous devaluation of our currency, thereby automatically and onerously increasing our foreign-debt stock and immoral payments thereof;

As our country is plunged into almost total dependence on imported oil, by mothballing what might have been a principal and most cost-efficient, reliable and indigenous source of power—the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant;

As the prevailing conditions of life are rapidly deteriorating into historically unprecedented and intolerable level, where desperation and hopelessness are shockingly manifested daily among the poor;

As the present government repeatedly proves itself to be grossly incompetent, extremely corrupt and callously insensitive to increasingly severe conditions our people are subjected to;

As powerful politicians, influential businessmen, and econoquacks in the academe, conspire to maliciously mislead the general public thru false propaganda and miseducation;

As our people are treated to “political entertainment,” not much different from the tele-novelas, by politicians who present themselves as alternatives, full of rhetoric, yet empty and devoid of sublime ideas, betraying lack of wisdom and understanding of problems. And the absence of necessary courage to do what is right and confront the real issues to save the lives of starving Filipinos;

As we further deteriorate into chaos and anarchy, experience government’s inability to provide basic services, and proliferation of criminal-political warlords who arrogantly roam with impunity;

It is time to invoke our right, and perform our duty, as citizens and patriots of the Republic of the Philippines, to demand of this current leadership, that emergency measures be undertaken for the survival of our nation to immediately avert further loss of Filipino lives due to hunger and disease, and to give assurance that the succeeding generations will prosper;

To these ends, we strongly propose the following urgent and necessary steps to be implemented immediately:

1) To DECLARE A MORATORIUM ON FOREIGN-DEBT PAYMENTS, now beyond US$10 billion per year, payment of onerous debts, booked and incurred by devaluing our Peso, and collected thru an efficient implementation of the Value Added Tax, or consumption tax, increasing electricity rates, privatization of public utilities in water, telecommunication and highways;

2) To START THE OPERATION OF THE BATAAN NUCLEAR POWER PLANT as part of an energy development plan consisting of all alternative sources of energy, immediately establish a Nuclear Energy Program, not merely to provide the cleanest, cost-efficient power to our population , but to explore other beneficial uses more specifically the production of potable water from nuclear-powered desalination plants, the production of isotopes used in modern medical facilities, and general use for mass-transit systems, water management and agro-industrial development;

3) To immediately implement a SCIENCE-DRIVEN, INFRASTRUCTURE-BASED MASSIVE NATIONAL FOOD-PRODUCTION PROGRAM, to double, triple or even quadruple food supply, led by government and all its agencies, private sector and civic organizations. This should take precedence over all other government projects as its primary defense against hyperinflation.

These are not the only solutions to our country’s most serious problems. But if we are to function as a nation, confronting the devastating impact of a global economic crisis, immediate action along these lines is imperative, the alternative is a level of starvation and death never before experienced in our history as a people.

True leadership is expected to serve only the interest of its citizens, and no one else’s. It is expected to convey only the truth, and not propagate lies. It is expected to save lives, not to destroy them. If this government continues to renege on its sworn responsibility, causing much suffering and pain, reaching the limits of patience and tolerance of the Filipino, then it risks being changed by the sovereign will of the people, even if it meant the sacrifice of their own lives.

We call on all patriots, to join us in fighting the evil which has caused this present malaise. Join us in carving out a future for our youth. Let us act in solidarity with those who uplift the dignity of human beings, as unique creatures, created in God’s image, endowed with inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Together with true patriots of all nations, let us defeat the forces intent on destroying the human spirit to discover truth. As we enter a new global renaissance, a new just economic world order, a world of peace, development, and prosperity for all.
July 2008

Tatlong Agarang Hakbangin para sa Kaligtasan ng Ating Bansa


Tatlong Agarang Hakbangin Para Sa Kaligtasan Ng Ating Bansa
July 1, 2008

Habang ang buong mundo ay dumaranas nang malawakang pagguho ng pandaigdigang ekonomiya at sistemang pananalapi, sa kabila ng marami at paulit-ulit na mga babala ng LaRouche Movement; ang isang pabayang pamahalaan, mga walang kakayanang mga tagapamahalang ekonomista, at mga litong mamamayan ay walang magawa’t nakatunganga na lamang sa walang humpay na pagtaas sa presyo ng mga bilihin;

Habang ang mga patakarang pang-ekonomiya gaya ng malayang pag-aangkat (import liberalization), pagsasapribado at deregulasyon ay napatunayang naging daan upang sirain ang kakayanan ng ating lipunan na manatili bilang isang bansa;

Habang ang sistemang “floating-exchange rates,” na ipinatupad noong 1971-1972, ang nagsilbing paraan upang ang mga mandarambong na nagpapautang sa buong mundo, na kinakatawan ng IMF, na magpataw ng paulit-ulit at walang humpay na pagpapaliit ng halaga (devaluation) sa ating pananalapi, nang sa gayon ay kusa at malupit na nadaragdagan ang ating nakaimbak na utang panlabas, at imoral na pagbabayad nito;

Habang ang ating bansa ay isinuong sa halos lubos na pag-asa lamang sa pag-aangkat ng langis, sa pamamagitan ng pagbasura ng maaaring naging pangunahing pinagmumulan ng pinakamatipid, maaasahan, at katutubong pagkukunan ng enerhiya—ang Bataan Nuclear Power Plant.

Habang ang kasalukuyang umiiral na kalagayan ng buhay ay malubhang lumalala sa antas na hindi pa nararanasan sa kasaysayan at sa hindi matiis na kalagayan, kung saan ang kawalang pag-asa at pagsuko na lamang ang nakayayanig na katotohanang hinaharap ng mga mahihirap araw-araw;

Habang ang kasalukuyang gobyerno ay paulit-ulit na napatunayan ang kanyang malalang walang kakayanan, sagad sa kurapsyon at walang-awa at damdamin sa tumitinding kalagayan ng kahirapan na dinaranas ng taumbayan;

Habang ang makapangyarihang mga pulitiko, maimpluwensyang negosyante, at mga “econoquacks” sa edukasyon, ay nagkaisa na iligaw ang mamamayan sa paraan ng mapanlinlang na propaganda at maling edukasyon;

Habang ang ating mga kababayan ay hinahandugan ng mga “libangan pampulitika,” na halos hindi naiiba sa mga telenobela, ng mga pulitiko na inaalok ang kanilang mga sarili bilang mga alternatibo, puno ng mabubulaklak na pananalita ngunit salat at hubad sa mga dakilang kaisipan, ay patunay lamang ng kanilang kakulangang karunungan at pag-uunawa sa mga suliranin. At ang kakapusan ng hinihiling na kagitingan upang gawin ang tama at harapin ang tunay na suliranin upang mailigtas ang mga buhay ng mga nagugutom na Filipino;

Habang tayo’y patuloy sa paglala patungo sa kaguluhan at anarkiya, dumaranas ng pagkawalang kakayanan ng pamahalaan upang ipagkaloob ang mga pangunahing paglilingkod, at ang paglaganap ng mga kriminal-pulitiko na “warlords” na buong pagmamataas na namamayagpag ng walang pakundangan;

Panahon na upang isakatuparan ang ating karapatan, at tuparin ang ating mga tungkulin, bilang mga mamamayan at mga makabayan ng Republika ng Pilipinas, na obligahin itong kasalukuyang pamahalaan, na ipatupad ang mga agarang pangunahing hakbangin para sa kaligtasan ng ating bansa upang agad na maiwasan ang karagdagang pagbubuwis ng buhay ng mga Pilipino dahil sa gutom at karamdaman, at mabigyan ng katiyakan ang pag-unlad ng mga susunod na salinlahi;

Sa mga layuning ito, mariin naming iminumungkahi ang mga sumusunod na agaran at nararapat na mga hakbangin na dapat ipatupad sa lalong madaling panahon:

1) Ang PAGHAYAG NG PAGLIBAN NG PAGBABAYAD NG UTANG PANLABAS, ngayon ay higit sa $10 bilyong dolyar bawat taon, pagbayad ng malupit-pasakit na mga utang, na natamo lamang sa pagpapaliit ng halaga ng ating Piso, at tinitipon sa pamamagitan ng mabisang pagpapatupad ng Value Added Tax, o isang uri ng buwis para sa lahat ng mga namimili at kumukonsumo, pagtaas ng singil sa kuryente, pagsasapribado ng mga imprastrakturang pampubliko ukol sa tubig, telekomunikasyon, at mga kalsadang bayan;

2) Ang PAGPAPAANDAR NG BATAAN NUCLEAR POWER PLANT bilang bahagi ng isang programang pagpapaunlad ng enerhiya na binubuo ng lahat ng uri ng mga mapagkukunan ng enerhiya, agad na magtatag ng Programa sa Pagpapaunlad ng Enerhiyang Nukleyar, hindi lamang upang magbigay ng pinakamalinis, at pinakamatipid na kuryente sa ating mamamayan, kundi saliksikin pa ang iba pang mga mabuting gamit nito gaya ng paggawa ng maiinom na tubig mula sa mga plantang pinaaandar ng nukleyar na nag-aalis ng asin sa tubig-dagat (nuclear desalination plants), ang paglilikha ng mga panibagong “isotopes” na ginagamit sa makabagong mga pasilidad ng pagamutan, at ang sistemang pangmaramihang sasakyan na pangkalahatan (mass-transit system), pamamahalang pangasiwaang patubig at pagpapaunlad ng pangsakang-industriyal (agro-industry);

3) Ang agad na PAGPAPATUPAD NG ISANG MALAWAKANG MAY-BISANG AGHAM NA IMPRASTRAKTURANG PROGRAMANG PAMBANSANG PAGLIKHA NG PAGKAIN (science-driven, infrastructure-based massive national food-production program), upang paramihin ng ikalawa, ikatlo o ikaapat na beses ang panustos ng pagkain, pinangungunahan ng gobyerno at lahat ng kanyang mga sanghay, pampribadong sektor, at mga samahang sibika. Ito ang dapat maging pangunahing proyekto ng gobyerno bilang pasimulang pangtanggol laban sa pinakamalubhang implasyon (hyperinflation);

Hindi lamang ang mga ito ang sagot sa mga pinakamalalang suliranin ng ating bansa. Ngunit kung tayo ay kikilos bilang isang bansa sa pagharap sa isang mapanluray na paparating na pandaigdigang krisis pang-ekonomiya, ang aragang pagkilos sa ganitong mga pamamaraan ay kinakailangan, ang alternatibo ay isang antas ng taggutom at kamatayan na hindi pa nararanasan sa ating kasaysayan.

Ang tunay na pinuno ay inaasahang paglilingkuran ang kapakanan ng mga mamamayan at wala nang iba pa. Siya ay inaasahang maghahatid ng katotohanan lamang, at hindi mga kasinungalingan. Siya ay inaasahang magligligtas ng buhay, hindi sirain ito. Kung itong kasalukuyang pamahalaan ay patuloy na pagtataksilan ang kanyang sinumpaang tungkulin, at maging sanhi ng labis na paghihirap at pasakit, na lalagpas sa kakayanan ng pasensiya at pagtitiis ng mga Pilipino, nanganganib ang gobyerno na mapalitan sa pamamagitan ng malayang kalooban ng mga mamamayan, kahit ito pa ay nangangahulugan ng pagbuwis ng kanilang mga buhay.

Nananawagan kami sa lahat ng mga makabayan at umiibig sa ating bansa, na sumama sa amin na labanan ang kasamaan na lumikha ng kasulukayang mga pasakit na ito. Samahan niyo kaming ukitin ang isang magandang kinabukasan para sa ating kabataan. Kumilos tayong may pagkakaisa sa mga itinataas ang dangal ng mga tao bilang natatanging nilalang sa wangis ng Diyos, pinagkalooban ng mga hindi-mahiwalay na karapatan sa buhay, kasarinlan, at pagkamit ng tunay na kaligayahan.

Kasabay ng mga tunay na patriyotiko sa lahat ng mga bansa, talunin natin ang mga kapangyarihang nais wasakin ang diwa at layunin ng tao upang tumuklas ng katotohanan. Habang tayo ay patungo sa isang panibagong pandaigdigang pagsilang (new global renaissance), isang bago at makatarungang pandaigdigang sistemang pang-ekonomiya, isang daigdig ng kapayapaan, pagsulong, at kaunlaran para sa lahat.
Hulyo 2008