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The Color Revolution Campaign Begins in the Philippines


Sept. 15 (EIRNS)–The woman leading the Philippine Senate inquiry into alleged extra-judicial killings in President Duterte’s War on Drugs, Leila de Lima, the former Justice Secretary under Aquino and former chairwoman of the Philippine Commission on Human Rights, brought out a witness today, Edgar Matobato, who testified that he was part of the 300-member “Davao Death Squad” which he alleges was run on the orders of then Mayor of Davao, Duterte. The Inquirer reports that Matobato testified the death squad killed alleged drug dealers and criminals in the southern city of Davao between 1988 and 2013. More than 1,000 were killed in Davao City alone, he claimed.

Leila de Lima has been going after Duterte for many years, running a massive investigation into what she called criminal activity in Duterte’s cleaning out drugs and crime in Davao City, which everyone admits was successful. In all the investigations, de Lima came up with nothing, and never was able to prosecute anything. Matobato, it turns out, turned against Duterte in 2013 and was placed in a witness protection program by de Lima by at least 2014, meaning de Lima had access to all this testimony long ago, but never brought it forward — probably because there was no evidence and many people call Matobato a liar, who perhaps could be called the Philippines’s “Curve Ball.”

Many people have come forward today to denounce the witness as a liar. Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, who supports the President, clashed with the witness and de Lima in the hearing, questioning Matobato’s credibility and accused him of being part of a plot to overthrow the president. “I’m asking about you (de Lima), your motive and the motive of your party in this hearing because I am testing if he’s a credible witness or if this is part of the plan B of the Liberal Party to grab Malacañang [presidential palace] and to destroy him (Duterte)” he said.

Duterte included de Lima on his list of officials with drug connections, saying that her driver was a drug courier (as well as her lover). He announced today that he has an updated list of about 1000 officials  — judges, police, military, mayors, etc — who are involved in the drug trade, which he will release soon.

Ernesto Abella, a presidential spokesman, said the hearing was a rehash of issues that have already been addressed in 2009 under de Lima, and that even then no case was filed against then-Mayor Duterte. He added: Aside from indications that this is a perjured witness, one wonders at the timing of the case, when de Lima is about to face the Senate inquiry on her alleged involvement in the illegal drug case.

Neo-Cons Threaten Duterte


Sept. 14, 2016 (EIRNS) — The neo-Conservative Center for a New American Security (CNAS) today issued a veiled death threat to Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte. Under the title: “Can the U.S.-Philippine Alliance Endure Duterte?”, CNAS hands Patrick Cronin and Anthony Woon Cho list the various measures by Duterte against Obama’s treatment of the Philippines as a puppet state and as a military base for a war on China, describing each step as both anti-American and a threat to Asia as a whole by undermining the anti-China crusade.

Cronin writes: “The Philippine president managed within a mere 24-hours to shock the world by ordering his defense secretary to work on security pronouncements with China and Russia to combat drug traffickers and insurgents and cease joint patrols in the South China Sea alongside the U.S. Navy.”

The final sentence of the diatribe can only be described as a veiled threat on Duterte’s life: “It isn’t too late for President Duterte to tone back his rhetoric and weigh the will of his people. However, time is running out; Duterte must start walking back from the edge before he is unable find his way back.”

Will Obama add Duterte to his weekly drone kill list?

Duterte Cancels Joint U.S.-Philippine Naval Patrols in South China Sea, and Turns to Russia, China for Military Arms


Sept. 13, 2016 (EIRNS)–Philippines President Duterte continues his clear-headed dismantling of Obama’s military impositions on his country, implemented under the willing tool President Aquino. Following Duterte’s declaration on Monday that all remaining U.S. Special Forces in Mindanao must leave (the U.S. has not yet received such an official order), he has now announced the cancellation of Obama’s deal with Aquino to carry out provocative joint naval patrols of “contested waters” in the South China Sea.

“We will not join any expedition or patrolling the sea. I will not allow it, because I do not want my country to be in involved in a hostile act,” Duterte said in a speech during the 48th anniversary of the 250th Philippine Airlift Wing at the Villamor Air Base in Pasay City, as reported in the {Philippines Inquirer}.

“I just want to patrol our territorial waters,” he said. “We do not go into a patrol or join any other army from now, because I do not want trouble,” Duterte said. “I do not want to ride gung-ho style there with China or with America. I just want to patrol our territorial waters. Territory is limited to the 12-mile limit. That is ours.”

Bloomberg reported that Duterte, in a televised speech Tuesday before military officers in Manila, said that two unidentified countries had agreed to give the Philippines a 25-year soft loan to buy military equipment. But he also announced that Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana and technical people in the armed forces would visit China and Russia “and see what’s best.”

Reiterating his insistence that the Philippines would not engage in military provocations with the U.S. against China, he said the Philippines needs propeller-driven planes that it can use against insurgents and to fight terrorists in Mindanao. He said he wanted to buy arms “where they are cheap and where there are no strings attached, and it is transparent. I don’t need jets, F-16 — that’s of no use to us. We don’t intend to fight any country.”

Philippines President Duterte: U.S. Military Must Leave Mindanao


Sept. 12, 2016 (EIRNS)–Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte took a huge step forward in freeing his country from Washington’s neo-colonial control today by announcing that the U.S. Special Forces, which have operated in the southern island of Mindanao since 2002, have got to get out.

“The U.S. Special Forces, they have to go,” he said, according to the {Philippnes Inquirer}. “They have to (leave) Mindanao. There are many (Americans) there,” the President said in a speech at the oath-taking ceremony of the new government appointees in Malacañang, the Presidential palace.

“I just could not say it [at the Asean summit in Laos],” he continued, “because I don’t want a rift with America. The situation there [in Mindanao] will be more volatile. If they are seen there, they will really be killed,” he added.

Duterte has launched a major escalation in the war on terrorists, primarily against the Abu Sayyaf, originally spawned from the Afghansi fighters trained by the U.S. to fight the Russians in Afghanistan. The “Abus,” as they are called, now claim allegience to ISIS. Duterte said the American presence will make it more difficult to win a real war on terrorism: “Americans, they will really kill them; they will try to kidnap them to get ransom.”

So far, Duterte has not given any hint that he will cancel the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Act (EDCA), the illegal deal former President Aquino rammed through without the Senate approval which the Constitution requires. The EDCA, which allows the U.S. to set up five bases across the country, is now being implemented; but the EDCA was put into effect as an “executive action,” based the devious pretext that it was only an extension of a 2002 agreement approved by the Senate, which allowed U.S. Special Forces trainers to go to Mindanao to help fight the terrorists. They have been there ever since.

So, if Duterte makes the U.S. forces leave Mindanao, the new bases in the rest of the country, intended to be the core of a war on China, could go with them. In fact, since Aquino illegally imposed EDCA as an “executive action,” Duterte can easily scrap it on the same basis.

In Indonesia, President Duterte Continues U.S. Attacks, Praises China


Sept. 9, 2016 (EIRNS)–Speaking to a Philippine audience in Jakarta, where he is visiting following the ASEAN Summit, President Duterte explained that the hysteria about his cussing Obama is a fraud, and that he told Obama so. “I never confronted Obama here,” Duterte said, as reported in the news service Rappler in the Philippines.

“It’s like this. These yellows [referring to Aquino supporters] and those from the State Department, when you see the Philippine news, they were trying to crucify me for the extrajudicial killings. They said I will be investigated by the International Court.”

He said that his response to that was “I will not answer to anybody but the Filipino people. That’s all I said.” He explained that the translation of his cussing was not “son of a whore” but “son of a gun” or “son of a bitch,” and was used in the same context as Americans say it in everyday language. “It’s common. Everybody, whether American, African who knows English would say, ‘son of a bitch,’ ‘son of a gun.’ It is not ‘son of a whore,’ that is never the translation,” he said. “The Americans can spin a story. They use the predicate or the adjective that is really worst to hear.”

Duterte said that he explained that to Obama in their brief greeting at the dinner: “I told him at the holding room, ‘President Obama I’m President Duterte. I never made that statement, you can check it out.’ Obama said ‘My men will talk to you.’ I said, ‘Okay.'”

He attacked the media for spinning the story, aimed at giving him a negative reputation among world leaders. But, he added, “They can spin everything. Me? I don’t give a shit. Because I’m not the president of the international community.”

Duterte told the group that he had put aside his prepared speech to the East Asian Summit on Thursday, and instead presented photos of the massacre of Filipinos in the early 1900s, showing hundreds of corpses of Moro men, women and children being dumped in mass graves, surrounded by American soldiers.

He said he told the summit: “This is human rights. What do you intend to do? Do not tell me that is water under the bridge. Human rights violation, whether committed by Moses or Abraham, is still a violation of human rights.”

He said there was only silence from Obama and Ban Ki-Moon.

He praised China for helping his country, including that they are building rehab centers for the hundreds of thousands of drug addicts who are turning themselves in. “Only China is helping us,” he said.