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WAPO Geopolitical Threat: Stop Duterte, or China Wins Asia

WAPO Geopolitical Threat: Stop Duterte, or China Wins Asia


Sept. 6, 2016 (EIRNS)–In an article by Emily Rauhala, a {Washington Post} China correspondent, titled “The son of whore story is about so much more than Duterte’s dirty mouth,” the WAPO puts out a warning in stark terms: If Philippines President Duterte is not eliminated, China will “win.”

This geopolitical hysteria should be taken seriously. Obama yesterday cancelled the scheduled meeting with Duterte after Duterte made clear that the Philippines is no longer a US colony, that nothing will stop his committemnt to crush the drug trade which is killing his nation’s youth, and that if Obama were to carry out his threat to lecture Duterte on extra judicial killings of drug lords, Duterte would challange him on the U.S. extrajudicial killings both in the U.S. and around the world — and would cuss him out.

Rauhala writes that there is a “potent strain of anti-U.S. sentiment that could shift the balance of power in the South China Sea. The Philippines is a former U.S. colony. About 25 years ago, Filipino politicians fought to expel U.S. forces, promising to free the country from foreign domination. Now, with China pressing its claims to most of the South China Sea, some — but not all — want U.S. forces back. An agreement backed by former president Benigno Aquino III, the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement, or EDCA, would place more U.S. ships at Philippine ports…. Duterte’s insults may seem trivial, but when they lead to the cancellation of high-level U.S.-Philippine meetings, leaving the door open for China, they are not.”

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