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Filipino Sen. Kit Tatad Tells Duterte: Rescind the Illegal Order That Allows U.S. Bases in the Philippines

Filipino Sen. Kit Tatad Tells Duterte: Rescind the Illegal Order That Allows U.S. Bases in the Philippines


Sept. 9, 2016 (EIRNS)–Former Philippine Sentor Kit Tatad, in the context of reprimanding President Duterte for using foul language while defending Philippine sovereignty, makes the point that to actually end U.S. colonial power over the country he must rescind the EDCA (Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement), the illegal executive decree rammed through by President Aquino on behalf of Obama in April 2014, which allows the U.S. to set up military bases all over the country. Tatad writes:

“Because EDCA is not a treaty but a mere executive agreement, DU30 [a nickname for Duterte] can revoke it anytime, if he wants to make a dramatic show of his political independence. However, there has been no hint of DU30 considering it. DU30’s desire to be seen as independent of any foreign power is admirable and deserves to succeed. But his words must be matched by deeds.”

Sen. Tatad then looks back to Marcos, in whose cabinet he served: “If he is looking for a model who spoke to the U.S. with dignity and honor without, in the least, appearing subservient or servile, he could probably take a leaf from Ferdinand Marcos. At the outset, Washington wanted to treat Marcos as some kind of a greenhouse plant. But although determined to be a strong and dependable U.S. ally, he was even more determined to stand on his own as a Filipino leader. And he showed it by deed.”

Tatad references Marcos’s rejection of Lyndon Johnson’s request in 1966 for Philippine combat troops to be sent to Vietnam, then adds:

“That same year, Marcos sought the reduction of the term of the 1947 Military Bases Agreement from 99 years to the next 25 years of the unexpired period. Later, Marcos asked that the bases be known as Philippine military bases, under the command of a Filipino commander, and over which the Philippine flag alone should fly, except in front of the U.S. barracks where the Stars and Stripes may also fly. Finally, Marcos demanded that the rent-free provision of the agreement be re-interpreted to allow the U.S. to provide an Economic Support Fund to the Philippine government.

“In 1975, Marcos accepted the One-China policy and opened diplomatic relations with Beijing — well ahead of the U.S.. In 1976, he normalized relations with Moscow.”

Ending EDCA now, before Obama starts a war, is indeed urgent.

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