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British/Saudi Axis Strikes at Duterte With Terrorist Bombing in Duterte’s Home Town

British/Saudi Axis Strikes at Duterte With Terrorist Bombing in Duterte’s Home Town


Sept. 3 (EIRNS)–An explosion has killed 14 people and injured at least 70 others at a night market in Davao City in the southern Philippines, the hometown of the President Rodrigo Duterte. Duterte’s current full-scale war on drugs and terrorism is based on his successful cleaning out of that filth in Davao as mayor or vice-mayor of that city for 30 years, before his election as the nation’s President starting this year.

Duterte immediately flew back from Manila to Davao, where he visited the scene of the crime and the victims in the hospital and the morgue. Duterte’s daughter Sara is now mayor of Davao, and his son Paulo is vice-mayor. The role of the terror bombing as a death threat to Duterte and his family is clear.

An improvised explosive device caused the explosion, Presidential spokesman Martin Andanar said, adding drug traffickers opposed to Duterte’s war on crime or Islamic militants may have been responsible. “There are many elements who are angry at our president and our government,” Andanar told DZMM radio.

Duterte later declared a “state of lawlessness.” While not equivalent to martial law, it does allow troops to back up the police in urban centers and to man checkpoints and to increase patrols.  Duterte cancelled his first foreign trip, due to start in Brunei on Sunday, in order to concentrate on the security situation at home, officials said.

A spokesman for the Abu Sayyaf terrorist organization, Abu Rami, claimed responsibility for the blast, but a later Abu Sayyaf release said it was the work of an allied terror group called Daulat Ul Islamiya. However, Duterte said investigators are looking at other possible suspects, including the drug syndicates. Be it the drug mafia or the terrorists, the roots go directly to the British-Saudi axis of international terrorism and the world drug syndicate Dope, Inc., furious that Duterte has broken the nation’s colonial chains.

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