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US Massive Military Build-up in Asia

US Massive Military Build-up in Asia


April 30, 2015 (EIRNS)–In the past week, the US has announced a huge deployment of air, sea, and land forces to eight bases in the Philippines, and, as part of the agreements signed with Shinzo Abe and his Cabinet Ministers in Washington, a dramatically beefed up deployment of sophisticated military hardware to Japan. No one can miss the intention to encircle China with a massive war machine, as Obama is simultaneously driving NATO forces and ABM systems up to the Russian border in Europe.

The Philippines deployment, which was forced down the compliant throat of Obama’s Philippine puppet President Noynoy Aquino last year, is still dependent on a final decision from the Philippine Supreme Court.  Although Aquino ran an impeachment of the Supreme Court Chief Justice justice in 2011 on false pretenses (and through bribes of the Senators, according to extensive public evidence), it is nonetheless not certain that the Court will approve the plan, since the Constitution explicitly forbids foreign bases on Philippine soil.  The pretense that the US forces will be “guests” on a “rotation basis,” fools no one, not even the perpetrators of this crime.

Two of the eight named bases are located on the island of Palawan, which juts out into the South China Sea, near the islands contested between China and the Philippines.

As to Japan, the Joint Statement of the Security Consultative Committee (the foreign and defense ministers/secretaries of the US and Japan), released on April 27, proudly states that the US “confirmed the strategic importance of deploying the most modern and advanced U.S. capabilities to Japan.”  This will include, among forces recently deployed or to be deployed soon:

Navy P-8 maritime patrol aircraft; Air Force Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicles; Marine Corps F-35B aircraft in 2017; at least two additional Aegis-equipped battleships; the exchange of the aircraft carrier USS George Washington with the more advanced USS Ronald Reagan later this year; a second AN/TPY-2 radar (X-band radar) system (advance BMD defense system); and an F-35 regional maintenance, repair, and overhaul facility.

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