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Talk of World War Is Hitting the Media

Talk of World War Is Hitting the Media


May 27, 2015 (EIRNS)–Drudgereport gave prominent coverage late Wednesday afternoon to a story from, warning about a growing danger of world war–as early as this summer. The article began with a note from military analyst John Schindler, who received a commentary from an active non-American NATO official this week, that simply said: “Probably be at war this summer. If we’re lucky it won’t be nuclear.”

From there, the article noted that NATO has been engaged in some of the biggest manuevers “on Russia’s front door,” in Ukraine and off the Baltic coast. One naval manuever, involving 18 battle ships and submarines from 10 NATO countries plus Sweden was called “Dynamic Mongoose,” and took place throughout much of May. It immediately followed ground manuevers in Estonia, right on Russia’s Baltic border.

Across the world in the Pacific, the war of words between the United States and China has escalated to a crisis shrill, following US surveillance overflights in the Spratley Islands, which are disputed between China, the Philippines, and several other Asian Rim countries. George Soros recently told World Bank officials that a growing alliance between Russia and China could develop if China’s economy falters. After urging the IMF to give the Chinese currency trading status, he warned that, if China and Russia fully align, “then the threat of a third world war becomes real.”

Needless to say, what is missing from this otherwise precise warning of the immediacy of the danger of all-out war is the real underlying reason: The entire trans-Atlantic British-Wall Street financial system is about to blow, and the Greek debt negotiations, which come to a head by June 5, are one immediate, obvious trigger for a desperate move to war to “save the British empire.”

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