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Sen. Mike Gravel, on Philippines Radio, Hits Obama War Plans Internationally

Sen. Mike Gravel, on Philippines Radio, Hits Obama War Plans Internationally


Oct. 25, 2015 (EIRNS)–Former U.S. Senator Mike Gravel appeared this morning on Philippines radio DZXL 558 for 40 minutes, interviewed by Philippines LaRouche Society leaders Butch Valdes and Ver Archivido. Gravel issued a powerful call to the Philippines people to save themselves, the United States, and the world from the Obama drive for world war, by rejecting the U.S. effort to place massive military installations across their country, which would make the Philippines the “friction point to a conflict with China,” the “spear-point” for war on China. He appealed to the nation to stand up, declare that the nation is sovereign, and reject any foreign military forces on their soil.

If they would do so, said Gravel, he believes South Korea and Japan would soon follow their lead and remove U.S. troops, which would lead quickly to the peaceful reunification of Korea and a far better relationship between Japan and its Asian neighbors. He said the South China Sea should be made a common area, putting sovereignty issues aside in order to pursue joint development, drawing especially on China’s One-Belt One-Road development process, which could go a long way to alleviate the horrible poverty in the Philippines.

He said that if the U.S. military deployment is not stopped by the case now before the Philippine Supreme Court, it will only grow, and “far exceed even what the unfortunate Vietnam War caused, which foisted our own immorality on the Philippines in a war that was fought in vain, killing 3 million Asians for no purpose.” He warned that the U.S. military presence would again “turn the Philippines into a U.S. military whorehouse,” as it did in the Vietnam War era.

Gravel ridiculed the U.S. claim that China is “militarizing” the South China Sea, noting that “a single missile would decimate the new islands, which can therefore serve no military purpose.” He expressed his hope that the Philippine Supreme Court would accept and consider his Friend of the Court brief, to be filed on Oct. 27, and that the Court and/or the Philippine Senate would act to end Obama’s militarization program.

The Senator said that the Chinese are trying to unify the world through economic development, while the United States wants to unify the world under its military power. “Which do you choose?” he asked. “It should be a no-brainer.”

Senator Gravel also described Obama’s drone killing program as a sign of the “moral depravity” of Obama, who has “no empathy, no understanding of our country, disregards our laws on habeas corpus [and] the right to face one’s accusers,” and who “makes decisions on his own over who lives and who dies.”

Butch Valdes concluded that it was a “breath of fresh air” to hear a U.S. politician telling the truth, unlike the many who have visited the Philippines in the past with lectures and lies.

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