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Schellnhuber–Encyclical Is a Vatican “government declaration”

Schellnhuber–Encyclical Is a Vatican “government declaration”


June 20 (EIRNS)–In an interview with {Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung}, Hans-Joachim “John” Schellnhuber, Commander of British Empire (CBE), gloats that his Papal encyclical is a breakthrough, if compared with the views which the Vatican still had 10 years ago. Meanwhile, and prepared already during the term of the previous pontiff, views have considerably changed, he says, the Encyclical is the modern day equivalent of the major church reforms launched by Francis of Assisi in his time. This is, Schellnhuber says, a really millennial document. The real breakthrough was the “Interfaith” workshop at the Vatican a year ago.  Pope Francis considers this encyclical, the final version of which he wrote personally, a “government declaration” of the Vatican, Schellnhuber claims.

Schellnhuber is twisting the poverty and population issues: He argues that world population is not to blame for the emissions, because the majority are poor; the ones to blame are the rich, particularly those 60 super-rich that possess as much property as half of mankind. The climate problem cannot be solved with population control, Schellnhuber says, birth control does not work anyway, because the poor cannot even afford the pill. The climate issue is however not presented prominently in the encyclical, Schellnhuber remarks.

In any case: The encyclical will have strong repercussions, Schellnhuber says, for instance in Poland where Catholics “believe as much in coal as in the pontiff” (sic); Catholics in Ibero-America, in large parts of Africa, in the Philippines and in the Christian communities in China will be challenged, as will be the American Catholics. Particularly the challenge is out to Australian PM Tony Abbott who no longer will be able to cite the Vatican when rejecting the climate issue, Schellnhuber declares.

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