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Philippines’ Aquino Again Makes Odious Comparison to Nazi Germany

Philippines’ Aquino Again Makes Odious Comparison to Nazi Germany


June 3, 2015 (EIRNS) — The Philippines President Benigno Aquino III compared China’s activities in the South China Sea and Nazi Germany’s expansionism before World War II, {Reuters} reported. Aquino had made similar statements last year. This statement came just a day before Aquino was to meet Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to further advance the anti-Chinese alliance with Japan. Tokyo and Manila are likely to agree to start talks on a framework for the transfer of defense equipment and technology.

Asked about Washington’s strategic “rebalance” to Asia and China’s maritime moves, Aquino suggested the U.S. role was key, and alluded to Nazi Germany’s territorial expansion before World War II and Western appeasement. “If there was a vacuum, if the United States, which is the superpower, says ‘We are not interested,’ perhaps there is no brake to ambitions of other countries,” he said.
Recalling documentaries on Germany’s expansionism before the war, Aquino added: “The commentators on these documentaries were saying, `If somebody said stop to [Adolf] Hitler at that point in time, or to Germany at that time, could we have avoided World War Two?'”

“So, I say again, America’s rebalancing sends a definite signal that we are all supposed to be living under norms that we agreed upon.”

China’s Foreign Ministry expressed shock at the “outrageous and unreasonable” remarks by Aquino.

“I once more seriously warn certain people in the Philippines to cast aside their illusions and repent, stop provocations and instigations, and return to the correct path of using bilateral channels to talk and resolve this dispute,” ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said.

Aquino claims that Beijing’s South China Sea land-reclamation project appears to violate international law. But, as China’s {Global Times} points out, “Vietnam has so far occupied 29 reefs in the Nansha Islands, the Philippines nine, while the Chinese mainland has only taken real control of eight. Both Hanoi and Manila have conducted construction activities on the reefs and islets in the region. China … chooses to expand construction on reefs it has controlled rather than recapturing those illegally occupied by [other] countries … and avoids intensifying the disputes.”

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