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Obama Sent U.S. Destroyer into China Territorial Waters; Beijing Issues Stern Warning

Obama Sent U.S. Destroyer into China Territorial Waters; Beijing Issues Stern Warning


Oct. 27, 2015 (EIRNS)–On Obama’s go-ahead, the {U.S.S. Lassen}, a guided-missile destroyer, today transitted Chinese territorial waters in the South China Sea, by going near Subi Reef, inside the 12-nautical-mile zone, in the Spratly Islands.

A statement against this was swiftly issued by the Foreign Ministry of China, whose authorities tracked the U.S. ship, which had, as the statement warned, “illegally entered into the waters of China’s Spratly Islands.” U.S. Ambassador to China Max Baucus was summoned to the Ministry, and told that the {U.S.S. Lassen} patrol was “extremely irresponsible.”

This Obama escalation of confrontation in Eurasia includes threat of more action, with Pentagon sources speaking of US patrol forays in the South China Sea, off Vietnam and The Philippines.

The Chinese Ministry statement said: “The action taken by the U.S. warship has threatened China’s sovereignty and security interest, and has put the safety of personnel on the reefs in danger.” Ministry spokesman, Lu Kang said, “If any country thinks that, through some gimmicks, they will be able to interfere with or even prevent China from engaging in reasonable, legitimate and legal activities in its own territories, I want to suggest those countries give up such fantasy.” Lu added, “In fact, if relevant parties insist on creating tensions in the region and making trouble out of nothing, it may force China to draw the conclusion that we need to strengthen and hasten the buildup of our relevant capabilities. I advise the U.S. not to create such a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

However, within hours of the incident, Defense Secretary Ash Carter, when pressed on the matter at the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing this morning, said, “We will fly, sail and operate wherever international law permits.” He said that, “we have a re-balance to the Asia-Pacific” underway, and we will be doing more.

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