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Obama Previews His Asia Trip with B-52 Bombers

Obama Previews His Asia Trip with B-52 Bombers


Nov. 13, 2015 (EIRNS)–The B-52 bomber fly-by of Chinese islands in the South China Sea last weekend, is Obama’s idea of announcing his arrival. Even as the Philippines President, who is trying to patch up relations with China, announced that the South China Sea issue would not be on the agenda at the APEC meeting in Manila from Nov. 17-19, Obama’s spokesman, Josh Earnest, told the US press corps that he wasn’t so sure. The subject will be “on the minds and lips” of the world leaders, said Earnest.

The official Global Times editorial today was not intimidated:

“First, China should not be afraid of further US provocations. We should quicken the pace to deploy a certain scale of military presence at the Nansha Islands, so as to offset the US threat.

“Second, we should not be afraid of the so-called alliance the US has formed against China in this area. The ‘alliance’ members do not act in the same direction. And Japan has a limited role in this issue.

“Third, China should not be afraid of the US attempting to use multilateral summits to preach its policies on the South China Sea disputes. It is impossible for the US to make such meetings China-bashing parties.

“Fourth, China should not fear any country bringing the South China Sea disputes to an international court of arbitration. The verdict is not binding for China.

“Five, we should not be afraid of unfriendly media reports on the South China Sea issue. Some of the Western media do not like China. They will pick one quarrel after another. China should get used to such an environment.

“Some thought that China will be in big trouble in the face of any provocation. But in fact, each provocation has enhanced China’s endurance and ability to react.”

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