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Kerry Demands ASEAN Confrontation with China, While China “Aggressively” Pushes Development Across the Region

Kerry Demands ASEAN Confrontation with China, While China “Aggressively” Pushes Development Across the Region


Aug. 6, 2015 (EIRNS)–China and most of the ASEAN nations focused on nation-building at the just concluded ASEAN Foreign Ministers meeting in Malaysia, but Secretary of State John Kerry and Obama’s Filipino puppets ranted about China’s “aggression” and “militarization” of the South China Sea for building a few artificial islands, even while the US shifts massive military forces into a ring around China.

The Foreign Ministers, after days of wrangling over the wording of a final communique, finally agreed on a statement that showed “concern” over actions in the South China Sea, without naming specific countries: “We discussed extensively the matters relating to the South China Sea and remained seriously  concerned over recent and ongoing developments in the area. We took note of the serious concerns expressed by some Ministers on the land reclamations in the South China Sea, which have eroded trust and confidence, increased tensions and may undermine peace, security and stability in the South China Sea.”

Singapore Foreign Minister K. Shanmugam told reporters Thursday morning that the joint statement was supposed to have been completed the previous day, but, “It has not been finalized as of now. There are difficulties. The paragraphs relating to the South China Sea are causing some problems.”

Philippine Foreign Minister Albert Del Rosario, the most rabid anti-China hawk in Manila and in ASEAN, according to the NY Times said that the Philippines “would halt its own land reclamation work if China would do so”– thus confirming Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s statement that the US had a double standard in denouncing China alone for reclamation.

Wang Yi held bilateral meetings with the foreign ministers of Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Laos, getting full support for China’s real “aggressiveness” — building huge development projects as part of Xi Jinping’s Road and Belt plan — discussing regional rail and port development, nuclear cooperation, and more.

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