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Japan To Bolster Philippines Armaments, Navy to Serve as Cannon Fodder in Anti-China Conflict

Japan To Bolster Philippines Armaments, Navy to Serve as Cannon Fodder in Anti-China Conflict


June 5, 2015 (EIRNS)–During Philippine President Aquino’s visit to Japan, the two countries agreed yesterday to launch talks to sell Japanese military hardware to the Philippines and to bolster exercises and operations between their militaries.

Aquino signed a deal with a Japanese shipbuilder to buy a fleet of 10 patrol vessels, the {Wall Street Journal} reported. Tokyo will provide a low-interest loan worth $150 million to pay for the ships. The purchase of the 44-meter boats from Tokyo-based Japan Marine United will enhance the capacity of the Philippines Coast Guard, raising it to the level of an annoyance from simple irrelevancy.

Standing next to Mr. Aquino Thursday, Mr. Abe said they had had “thorough discussions” about regional peace and stability, especially China’s attempt to build artificial islands in the South China Sea. “We confirmed that we share serious concern about large-scale land reclamation and that we oppose any attempt to unilaterally change the status quo,” Mr. Abe said.

Today, Aquino even offered to make a pact with Japan to allow Japanese troops to visit his country and join a wide range of operations, signalling a possible expanded Japanese troop presence in the South China Sea, according to the {AP}. Aquino said that a visiting-forces agreement would allow for refueling and other needs for Japanese troops while in the Philippines. The needs of Japanese troops in the Philippines were last satisfied in 1945.

China reponded quickly. The {Global Times} stated, “Manila is deluded if it thinks it can solve its disputes with China through courting the US and Japan, which will cost it much more than through engaging in negotiations with China.

“China won’t be unnerved by promises of equipment that Benigno Aquino III has obtained from Japan. If tensions in the South China Sea get worse, they will be nothing more than flashy ‘toys.’ They are in fact tools used by the Philippine president to fool his national citizens and package his failed South China Sea policy. China and the Philippines are in a row over the Nansha Islands. But reefs and islands Manila occupied outnumber those under control of China despite the uneven national strength. It’s lucky for Manila that it faces a restrained China.

China has never invaded the Philippines. In reality, the one-time …American colony was instead brutally ravaged by Japan.”

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