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Former Philippine Senator Reports on LaRouche’s War Warning, Identifies Aquino as Obama Puppet and a Danger to Mankind

Former Philippine Senator Reports on LaRouche’s War Warning, Identifies Aquino as Obama Puppet and a Danger to Mankind


June 15, 2015 (EIRNS)–Former Philippine Sen. Kit Tatad, who served as President Ferdinand Marcos’ Minister of Information in the 1970s and served in the Senate in the 1990s, strongly conveyed to his nation the warnings issued by Lyndon LaRouche that Barack Obama and Angela Merkel have brought the world to the brink of thermonuclear war against Russia and China, and that Philippine President B.S. Aquino was serving as Obama’s tool in the military encirclement of China, threatening both the destruction of the Philippines and the annihilation of much of the world’s population.

In an op-ed in the June 14 {Manila Times}, Sen. Tatad wrote that under Aquino, “we now stand on the brink of a possible war against China. We are being made to believe it is something we should welcome, because we would be fighting with American and Japanese troops, ships, planes, missiles and guns.” He shows that China would never start such a war, but that Aquino might, serving as Obama’s patsy.

Tatad reports in detail on the Merkel/Obama demonization of Putin, the movement of weapons, troops, and even nuclear cruise missiles close to the Russian border, but also on opposition to Obama’s moves against both Russia and China from within the US military.

He then reports: “Obama’s critics see him and his closest NATO allies as the real threats to world peace. They see him and Merkel as the primary engine of the campaign to start a war with Russia that could automatically draw in China, once the missiles start flying.

“In America, this thesis is championed by the 93-year-old Lyndon LaRouche of Leesburg, Virginia, a Quaker educated in the classics, who has run for president in each of the U.S. presidential elections from 1976 to 2004, and foresaw the trans-Atlantic economic collapse long before it came. He suggests that at the behest of London, Obama is pushing for a thermonuclear war that could prove terminal.

“The main objective, in his view, is the depopulation of the planet. This is consistent with the statement famously attributed to Prince Philip, that upon his death he would like to be reincarnated as a virus in order to shrink the population to less than a billion people.”

Senator Tatad then enumerates the nuclear weapons capacities in the world, capable of “Killing mankind 200 times over,” concluding: “In the face of this intense rivalry between China and the U.S., we have to make them see that we are friends to both, and that we have our own self-interests to defend and protect rather than theirs. It is only by talking that we can communicate this.”

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