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Even the Wall Street Journal Admits China Has Done No Wrong

Even the Wall Street Journal Admits China Has Done No Wrong


June 1, 2015 (EIRNS)–The China editor for the {Wall Street Journal}, Andrew Browne, a leading China-basher who last month called for Taiwan to be turned into “China’s Ukraine,” today was compelled to admit that the U.S. faced a “dilemma” in trying to start a war with China over the South China Sea — namely that China has done no wrong!

Buried in an article praising Ash Carter and John McCain’s saber-rattling, Browne drops the following interesting paragraph:

“In weighing how forcefully to press its case, though, the U.S. is constrained by the fact that China’s island-building doesn’t violate maritime law, and other claimants to the Spratlys, including Taiwan, Vietnam and the Philippines, have all expanded the geographical features they control, albeit not nearly as dramatically. Nor has China threatened shipping in the South China Sea, which carries more than half the world’s trade. And although the U.S. accuses China of militarizing the islands, so far it has identified only two light motorized artillery pieces on one of them.”

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