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Danny Russel Rants Against South Korea to Denounce China

Danny Russel Rants Against South Korea to Denounce China


June 4, 2015 (EIRNS)–Speaking at a CSIS and Korea Foundation seminar in Seoul today, Assistant Secretary of State Danny Russel, who never misses an opportunity to threaten friends and allies regarding their shortcomings in support of US war policies, lectured South Korea that they are not doing their duty to the world empire in their refusal to denounce China.  “The fact that, like the United States, the Republic of Korea is not a claimant, in my view, gives Seoul all the more reason to speak out, because it is speaking not in self-interest but speaking in support of universal principles and the rule of law,” said Russel, according to Yonhap.

“For China to assert its claims through large-scale land reclamation,” said Russel, “through the deployment of paramilitary forces or military forces that its neighbors see as threatening, is inconsistent with the kind of region that you and I want to live in,” Russel said.  He could have added, that the mass deployment of US troops, warplanes, warships, and missile systems in the Philippines and all over Asia is neither threatening nor inconsistent with the kind of region the empire desires, in his view.

Seoul responded to the rant through a Foreign Ministry statement, that “Our government is closely monitoring recent situations with a position that protecting the freedom of navigation is indispensable, and peace and stability in the South China Sea, a major sea lane, is of great importance.”  Another Foreign Ministry official said that “South Korea remains neutral” about the matter, and is still trying to figure out the exact situation.

Yonhap notes that “Critics construed Russel’s comments as pressure on South Korea ahead of summit talks between President Park Geun-hye and U.S. President Barack Obama in Washington later this month.”

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