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Chinese Defense Ministry Spokesman Slams US Military Relationships With Both Japan and Phillippines

Chinese Defense Ministry Spokesman Slams US Military Relationships With Both Japan and Phillippines


May 1, 2015 (EIRNS)–While China is pursuing the BRICS development policy, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and the New Silk Road policies, the US is moving to militarily contain China. Chinese Ministry of National Defense spokesman Senior Colonel Geng Yansheng responded to the tightening of US military alliances with both Japan and the Philippines during a monthly press briefing in Beijing yesterday, the transcript of which was posted on the China Military website.

On the new US-Japan defense guidelines, Geng said: “military alliance is an out-dated product which goes against the trends of times featuring peace, development, cooperation and mutual benefit. By beefing up the U.S.-Japan military alliance and expand[ing] their defense cooperation to the whole world, what kind of impact will it have on the world and regional peace and stability?” Secondly, he said, the US-Japan alliance “should be strictly limited to the bilateral scope and should not harm the interests of any third party.” Thirdly, “the Chinese side always proposes to resolve disputes peacefully. At the same time, we firmly safeguard our country’s territorial integrity and maritime rights and interests. We are opposed to countries out of the region to interfere with China’s territorial and maritime disputes with neighboring countries. No one should underestimate our resolve and capability to safeguard our lawful rights and interests.”

Geng was also asked to comment on the US-Phillippines Balikatan exercise, currently under way. “Relevant countries consolidate and deepen military alliance, conduct large-scale joint military exercise, and create tensions in the region,” he said. “This does not accord with the trends of the times featuring peace, development, cooperation and mutual benefit.” He noted that some people are trying to hype the “China threat,” but “by conducting such a large-scale joint military exercise, we can not help but ask, who is creating tensions in the region and who is threatening peace and stability in the region?”

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