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China to Obama: You Are Cutting Your Ties to Asia with Your Belligerence

China to Obama: You Are Cutting Your Ties to Asia with Your Belligerence


Nov. 6 (EIRNS)–The official Chinese paper Global Times today issued an editorial which sent a clear message to Obama. Referring to the ASEAN rejection of Obama’s demand to include an attack on China in the joint communiqué of the Defense Ministers meeting of the ASEAN Plus last weekend, the editorial said: “Both the U.S. and Japan are trying to use the disputes as leverage. But ASEAN is not siding with the U.S. ASEAN wants to play a neutral role and see peace and stability in the South China Sea. That the U.S. tries to mess up the situation with the Philippines does not suit the interests of ASEAN.”

It goes on: “The impact of its war of words and the warship patrol is being wiped out. If the U.S. wants to create more waves over the matter, it will only have to risk its own interests. If China and the U.S. have to face a military stand-off one day in the South China Sea, the Philippines cannot shield itself from the confrontation. The countries which dragged the U.S. into the disputes will feel regret. Such a game will only lead to a common tragedy. ASEAN is clear about this.”

And further: “The era when disputes can be solved through warfare has gone. China, as the most powerful regional country, has advocated resolving disputes through negotiations. Making the South China Sea the forerunner of the global geopolitical game seriously violates regional interests and will only benefit external countries such as the U.S. and Japan. As the U.S. escalates its provocative actions in the South China Sea, regional countries will be clearer on this.”

The article then notes that President Xi Jinping is visiting Vietnam–one of the countries Obama has courted to join in a confrontation with China–and Singapore, showing that “China has solid foundations with Southeast Asian countries. Even in relations with the Philippines, the South China Sea issue is not the entire picture of bilateral relations. That the issue becomes thorny is largely attributed to U.S. meddling.”

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