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China to Obama: The War Will Come to You

China to Obama: The War Will Come to You


Nov. 12, 2015 (EIRNS)–The official Global Times issued a stark warning to Obama in a Nov. 11 editorial, titled “Washington losing leverage in S.China Sea.”

“If military tension breaks out in the Asia-Pacific between China and the US,” the editorial says, “which will deploy its sophisticated military equipment, the tension will probably extend to US military bases in remote places, even to its home soil, since China will also deploy its advanced weapon systems.”

The editorial also points to the dramatic meeting of ASEAN Plus defense ministers last week in Kuala Lumpur, where, they say, “many defense ministers from ASEAN countries refused to be railroaded by the US into releasing a joint statement that included content on the South China Sea. Washington should be aware how far its leverage goes on the issue. China has always stressed Sino-US cooperation to avoid conflicts between the two, but besides, it has other preparations. Therefore we build islands in the South China Sea as international law allows, regardless of US opposition.”

While Obama and the slavish US press pretend that Chinese “aggression” has pushed Southeast Asian nations towards the US for “protection,” the opposite is the case, as this editorial points out. Nearly everyone in Southeast Asia, including even some leading voices in the Philippines, recognize that Obama’s aggressive and provocative actions are the great danger in Asia, and are therefore strengthening their ties to China, while sending clear messages to Wasington that they will have no part in the confrontation with China.

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