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China Again Hits at U.S. “Alliances” as Root of Problem

China Again Hits at U.S. “Alliances” as Root of Problem


June 1 (EIRNS)–In a Xinhua article on the South China Sea crisis, Xinhua quotes Huang Jing, director of the Center on Asia and Globalization at the National University of Singapore, on the sidelines of the Shangri-La Dialogue, “who attributed tension in the South China Sea to the current outdated security architecture in the Asia-Pacific region, saying the security architecture was established during the Cold War and is U.S.-dominated.”

Huang said that the current architecture “is guided by U.S. alliances such as the U.S.-Japan alliance, U.S.-Philippines alliance, U.S.-South Korea alliance as well as the U.S.-EU alliance,” adding that they were “set up to confront rather than cooperate, so they’re essentially exclusive, not inclusive — but the world has changed significantly.”

China has insisted that it will have friends, but no allies, which they ascribe to the cold war ideology of geopolitics.

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