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U.S. Military Strongly Rebukes Abe, Aquino

U.S. Military Strongly Rebukes Abe, Aquino


Feb. 9, 2014 (LPAC)–Top U.S. Pacific Air Force Commander, Herbert Carlisle, said in a Singapore interview Sunday that “comments by the leaders of Japan and the Philippines drawing parallels between China’s growing assertiveness in the region and events in pre-war Europe are ‘not helpful,'” according to a report in {Bloomberg}. “The rise of Germany and what occurred between the U.K. in particular and Germany, and what happened in Europe — I don’t draw that comparison at all to what’s going on today” in the Asia-Pacific, General Herbert “Hawk” Carlisle said. “Some of the things, in particular that have been done by Japan, they need to think hard about what is provocative to other nations.”

“The de-escalation of tensions has got to be a multilateral approach and it’s not just one country that needs to de-escalate,” he said. “All of them do. The risk from miscalculation is high. It’s greater than it should be.” “But the potential for something, a mistake to occur or miscalculation or misunderstanding to occur, is out there. There is significantly more activity from both nations around the disputed territorial claims, and that to me is a risk.”

Carlisle repeated the official U.S. opposition to the possible establishment of a second Chinese ADIZ in the South China Sea, while his comments on the rise of the Chinese military in general show respect for Chinese achievements. “Everything we see with respect to the PRC spending, from my perspective, is their ability to continue to project power, more than they have in the past…. They’re continuing to go after less in the defensive nature and more on their ability to get power outwards. You see that in their air force too with respect to their ability to use their aircraft carrier, their ability with long-range bombers, their ability with fighter aircraft.” The People’s Liberation Army Air Force is becoming “better,” Carlisle said. “The PLAF is a very capable air force, and they are getting more capable all the time.”

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