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The EU, While Sanctioning Russia, Joins the Philippines and Obama in Threatening China

The EU, While Sanctioning Russia, Joins the Philippines and Obama in Threatening China


Sept. 16, 2014 (EIRNS)–Obama’s puppet in the Philippines, President Noynoy Aquino, is in Brussels this week. In a meeting with EU President Jose Manuel Barroso, the EU chief threw his full support for Obama’s attempt to provoke a war with China over the South China Sea, using the Philippines as a cover.

Aquino won the same praise from European Council President Herman Van Rompuy in a meeting on Tuesday.

With both the Philippines and the EU seeking the same policy, Aquino said, “China will have to listen,” noting that the EU is China’s biggest trading partner, according to the Daily Inquirer.

Beijing has refused the so-called “impartial” arbitration set up in the west, insisting on bi-lateral discussions to solve territorial issues, while cooperating through joint development of the resources in the region. This is rejected by the Philippines, setting up the potential for the implementation of the Air-Sea Battle first strike strategy based on China’s supposed “area denial” to US military forces in the region.

Typical of IMF-style praise for the Philippines economy under Aquino, Barroso congratulated Aquino on the “remarkable economic performance” of the Philippines. This is based entirely on the fact that they are paying all their debts to the international creditors, by keeping the population starving, energy prices the highest in Asia, breaking up the country’s families by deploying millions of its citizens overseas to earn foreign currency through remittances, turning over its banking system to foreign ownership, and other similar policies of colonized nations.

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