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Philippines Columnist Quotes Helga, Asking “Why Piss Off China?”

Philippines Columnist Quotes Helga, Asking “Why Piss Off China?”


Feb. 14 (LPAC)–Francisco S. Tatad, an {EIR} contact who is an ex-Philippines Senator and once a minister under the Ferdinand Marcos government, blasted Philippines President B.S. Aquino III for recently drawing a surprising parallel between China today and Germany before it annexed the Sudetenland in 1938 in his {Manila Standard} column.

“Gen. Herbert ‘Hawk’ Carlisle, commander of the U.S. air forces in the Pacific, promptly reminded the leaders of the region of their duty to help defuse the tension in the Asia Pacific.

“It was a correct and badly needed message. But did it have to come from the commander of the U.S. air forces in the Pacific? No one would have expressed surprise if it had come from someone like UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon or the president of the European Union, also a Nobel laureate. But a Pacific military commander?  That seemed completely out.  But under present circumstances, it was probably necessary, and could not be avoided.

“Why? Because from Eastern Europe, to Middle East, to the Asia Pacific, there seems to be a creeping campaign to invent a war that would reshape the planet according to some people’s specs.  As the German-born Helga Zepp-LaRouche suggests in a current article, Europe may be sleepwalking its way to world war as in 1914.  She quotes the Voice of Russia, the state-owned foreign broadcasting service, as saying on Jan. 2, 2014 that the world is closer to nuclear war today than it was even at the height of the Cuban missile crisis. And she cites disturbing developments to support the thesis…

“The U.S. air forces commander could hardly be blamed for talking about the need for everyone to do the extra mile for peace. Carlisle is not the only high U.S. military officer to do so. Much earlier, Gen. Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in his well-reviewed 2012 Carnegie Endowment speech, said that, in its dealing with China, the West cannot afford to get caught in the ‘Thucydides trap.’…

“Given that perspective, Aquino should have enough humility to ascertain whether the U.S., given its unmatched military strength and still superior economic size, would find it wise or necessary to go to war with China, now or in the future, over the issues that trouble bilateral relations  between China and the Philippines.  It would be more prudent for Aquino to use all the instruments of diplomacy to  assert the country’s  position, instead of indulging any wish or hope that the U.S. Seventh Fleet or 13th Air Force would come rushing to his defense should armed confrontation overtake and replace the need for a negotiated peace…

“Aquino’s apologists are saying the man talks like a master sergeant because diplomacy has failed.  This is utter nonsense. Diplomacy has not been tried.  Replace Aquino and Albert del Rosario with a competent and responsible President and Secretary of Foreign Affairs, and  see how that works. Now, should war with China ever break out, Heaven forbid,  and there are no neutral zones for 100 million Filipinos to hide, we would probably be the first, rather than the last to die, and in the millions, too, if nuclear weapons were used.  Nobody would win such a war, but the warring states might find it easier to fight it to the last Filipino rather than to the last American, Japanese, Korean, or Chinese.”

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