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Obama-boy Noynoy Aquino in Deep Trouble

Obama-boy Noynoy Aquino in Deep Trouble


July 3, 2014 (LPAC)–There is a growing debate in the Philippines as to whether Obama or Philippine President Noynoy Aquino will be impeached first. Noynoy’s chances of being first, improved greatly Tuesday, when the Philippine Supreme Court ruled unanimously that a porkbarrel scheme used by Aquino to bribe Congressmen (especially to impeach the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court itself, on spurious charges), under the guise of being used for development projects, was unconstitutional. Over a year ago Aquino blustered that if people thought his use of the funds was unconstitutional, they should impeach him. That may indeed be the case. An impeachment bill has been filed in the Congress, although the Congress is tightly controlled and is not likely to proceed.

But the military may not let it pass. There has been open discussion in the press and on the air waves that the military has the constitutional responsibility to defend the people and the Constitution.

The Supreme Court actually voted on the issue months ago, and it was leaked that the vote was 8-6 against Aquino, but the Court was pressured (and perhaps bribed) to change the vote. It appears that when the 8 judges refused to budge, the others changed their votes to go against the President, rather than be shown to be either puppets or having been bribed.

The Obama Administration, so concerned with corruption elsewhere, is fully backing Aquino, who is allowing the US to set up unlimited military operations across the nation — also blatently illegal under their Constitution — to prepare for war on China.

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